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Today David on behalf of Fintage Collection Account Management, will give for Stage 32 his next webinar, this time about Collection Account Management for Producers.
We will discuss the role of CAM on audiovisual productions and the benefits for the producers.
You can register here:

The previous webinar was given on October 27 about Payment of Guild Residuals out of Revenues.
Please reach out anytime should you have any enquiries about paying Residuals for your film, TV or animation project, we are happy to assist!

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3 weeks 4 days ago

As of next week Monday 9 November the American Film Market will start!
Our Collection Account experts David Zannoni & Maarten Melchior will be online to connect with professionals and decision makers in the film industry. We are much looking forward!

#AFM2020 #filmmaker

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1 month 5 days ago

Today we are enthusiastic to hold a panel discussion for El Gouna Film Festival in its 4th edition.
We wish the participants a great journey!
#GFF20 #elgounafilmfestival

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1 month 3 weeks ago

💡 En el próximo Encuentro Platino Industria nos acompañará David Zannoni, Consultor y representante en Latinoamérica de Fintage House (LATAM).

🖊 David empezó su carrera en la industria audiovisual desde el 2007 con Fintage House, líder mundial en gestión de cuentas de cobro y recaudación de regalías de derechos afines.

🚀 En el 2011 emigró a México y desde entonces ha estado involucrado en más de 300 producciones de cine, televisión y animación 🇲🇽

✨ Acompáñanos este martes 13 de octubre al 11.º Encuentro Platino Industria

Donde hablaremos sobre cómo asegurar un reparto correcto de los ingresos de tu proyecto.

📲 Regístrate y reserva tu lugar

❗️Cupo limitado. Zoom Q&A:

🔴Facebook Live en: @PlatinoIndustriaOficial

¡No te lo pierdas!

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1 month 3 weeks ago

Check out our second exclusive blog for Stage 32 about Residuals & Unions from David Zannoni!
#guildmembers #CAM #paytheartist

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2 months 1 week ago

Promising signs for UK Filmmakers to get their productions back to work!
Read the article here:

#filmmaker #CovidNews

Fintage House

2 months 3 weeks ago

The 2020 Toronto International Film Festival starts today and our international consultant Maarten Melchior is attending on behalf of Fintage Collection Account Management! Curious to hear how people are planning to move forward in these times.
Find out more about our CAM services:

Fintage House

3 months 3 weeks ago

Check out this blog directly from our Chris Anderson, Head of Sales & Business Development for Lasso. 👌🏻

Fintage House

5 months 1 day ago

What an interesting experience the Cannes Online Edition has been!
To talk to so many Producers with great initiatives to get back into production now that some countries are opening up again. Also, wonderful to hear that the public funds are so supportive in this difficult time.

Please find an interesting post-event article here:

#MDF20 #mdfonline #Cannes2020

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