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Audiovisual Producer Rights

Film & TV broadcast royalties

Non music related royalties due on Film or TV program broadcasts throughout Argentina, Australia, Europe, North America and Japan. Fintage will identify usage and collect royalties direct from collection societies around the world.

This is what we do

Fintage House identify revenues from many different types of levy (these can change per territory) including:
  • YouTube and other streaming media
  • Cable/Satellite retransmission
  • Blank media levy/private copy
  • Video Rental
  • Cinema Diffusion
  • Educational Copying
We pay your royalties swiftly and have the ability to track over 250 TV channels across the U.S. and Europe, using fingerprinting techniques and our own broadcast tracking system. Fintage have consultants all over the world from Hungary to North America and from the UK to Japan and Australia; meaning no time zone problems and no cultural or language barriers. Our service is being used by film and TV rights owners.

Why use our AVPR service?

  • We identify many different types of levies, traditional and modern (including streaming media)
  • And we have direct relationships with all major collection societies globally
  • Without middle men, so no commissions
  • Transparent reporting of usage (through AV Live)
  • Fast payment
  • Digital tracking

AV Live - 24/7 Online Information

AV Live provides you with internet access to our financial reporting system, giving you a more convenient, immediate and accurate way of viewing your royalty statements. Just let us know you would like this service and we can set it up for you straight away!

The steps

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Find out more about AVPR

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