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Buying, selling and licensing of feature films & TV shows across all media platforms through our specialised network of distributors.

About G2 Global Media Group

Since its inception in 1992, the operating G2 companies have and continue to maintain a unique position in the business of worldwide buying, selling, and licensing of feature films, TV shows, and other intellectual property rights. We work with most of the independent producers, as well as, leading sales agents, distributors, broadcasters, publishers, financiers and other individuals active in the sports and entertainment industry. G2 has an extensive network of distributors, broadcasters, publishers, producers, lawyers, and film financing banks. We utilize our knowledge base, experience, and excellent industry connections in the exploitation of rights from both a commercial and legal point of view with the aim of maximizing revenues. Our knowledgeable staff are hands on, from drafting and executing distribution agreements, to sending invoices and actively chasing the contractually due payments and overseeing the delivery of the film to local distributors, broadcasters, DVD companies, VOD services. Fintage House owns a minority interest in G2.

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For more information please contact Said Boudarga and Gavin James, or read more on the website.  
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