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Efficient, fast and accurate revenue collection. Advanced global digital rights management.

Fintage House and Independent IP (IIP) are looking to the future with a historic deal that will power fast and accurate revenue collection more efficiently than ever before. IIP – the creators of FUGA – will work together with Fintage House to create one of the most advanced global digital rights service platforms in the world.

About FUGA

IIP who provide some of the most advanced technological solutions for the music business, will work together with us to create a platform that will help significantly progress both businesses, while empowering customers like never before. Together we are creating a fully automated service for rights holders including: global distribution of master recordings, promotion and revenue collection. In a traditionally slow and convoluted part of the business, this new platform will put the information at the client’s fingertips. It will allow rights holders to utilize Fintage House’s global infrastructure for the collection of their rights and through IIP create the most efficient and effective business set-up for even faster product release by providing an online environment for real-time digital music business management. Rights owners can access information through a web browser or smart phone, so they can manage their business in real time, any place, anywhere.

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For more information please contact Niels Teves.