2016 November

New deals, department news and ladies & gentlemen, we have a newlywed!

Signings and renewals


Did you know? Even though digital use is up, television is still king, commanding 89% of total video time. New deals (AVPR):
New deals (AVPR and LASSO):
  • Pegasus Motion Pictures (famous for IP man)


The new deals for this month are:
  • 8 Apellidos Catalanes
  • Anomalisa
  • Birth Of A Nation, The
  • Etruscan Smile, The
  • Games Maker (Orinoco), The
  • Lost & Found
  • Out Of The Dark
  • Spark
  • Spotlight
  • Sweet Life, The


The new deals for this month are:
  • The Children Act - starring Emma Thompson and Stanley Tucci from Filmnation
  • Operation Megong – big hit in Asia from Distribution Workshop
  • Chappaquiddick –a drama about Ted Kennedy’s political career starring Kate Mara and Jason Clarke from Sierra
  • War With Grandpa - directed by Tim Hill, starring Robert De Niro, Christopher Walken and Marisa Tomei from Weinstein
  • Kung Fu Yoga -  with Jackie Chan :) (huhuhu) from Golden Network
  • Night Watchmen - from Covert Media
  • Tiger Raid - from Bankside
  • Institute - from Nu Image
  • Silver Bells - from Pure Flix
  • November Man 2 - from The Solution
  • Show Dogs” from FilmNation
  • Man Who Invented Christmas - from The Solution
  • Tarzan: The Epic Adventures - series from Keller Entertainment Group

Protocol News

We are happy to announce that Protocol developed its online reporting tool for its clients with the creation of a client portal called Protocol Live. Clients will now have 24/7 access to their Protocol Status Reports and the underlying royalty statements that Protocol has been collecting from their distributors to date. The portal gate features on the Fintage House website www.fintagehouse.com. nov7

Department news


Marcel, Genevieve, Nadja and Akiko were at MIP to see potential and existing clients. All in all, many new leads arose and the AVPR team is ferociously following up!


David attended the Rio Film Market from October 9 to 11. At the invitation of the market organization, David gave a presentation about collection account management. He also had several meetings with amongst others RioFilme and SP Cine, respectively Rio de Janeiro’s and Sao Paulo’s government-controlled film investment companies. Last but not least, Maarten is in Santa Monica at the moment to attend this years' AFM event. He will be joined by Robbert, Said, Pál, Peter and our consultants David and Marta.


Veronika Hegedus-Sipos has left the Licensing Team, ending her employment with mutual agreement. Her last working day was 2 November, 2016.


With Christmas coming up, it's a busy, but fun period for Marcom. Some of the highlights are:
  • We are working on the end of year event and the Christmas packages.
  • The SEO project will be put on hold for a few weeks to allow for the updates that need to take place onsite regarding the acquisition. First small changes are most likely to happen in November and the next stage will be the end of December, early January approx.
  • FRED updates regarding optimization for iPads and mobile phones, developing our stats system behind the intranet etc will start in November. A more detailed update on FRED will feature soon.
  • The project to update all staff descriptions on the website kicked off. The descriptions are being updated per department.

Music Division Acquisition & Transition Recap

Meetings have been held on an individual and department level in order to start the integration process. Establishing the structure of new integrated teams is still in progress and may take a while as the Kobalt team gets to know the teams from Fintage House and RAL. The good news is that the Kobalt Private Cloud which was built by Peter and Dimitry to hold business systems and data has been thoroughly tested and formal approval given by Kobalt. This is a major achievement by Peter and Dimitry and this provides a platform for this data to be transferred to and operated by Kobalt. In addition to a new Music Maestro database, Kobalt has purchased a new Online Statements module for the 'Fintage' music clients. The music clients will need to visit a new URL if they want to access their online account. Login details remain unchanged. For the AVPR clients nothing at all will change.  


A few things we would like to share with you is that:
  • There was a CV installation check- up at our office and also at 23B, we are winter-proof!
  • A new dishwasher is installed, please handle it with care :)
  • The office received the Telegraaf free for two weeks though we are still with the Volkskrant newspaper.
  • G4S introduced a new app, which is making us able to check the security around the office any time we want.
  • With our weekly fruit baskets, we planted 26 fruit trees in Malawi (Africa) in the period of April - July 2016.
  • There is no post office at the Jumbo anymore, the nearest place to drop of the post is now in front of Central Station.

Pat on the back

As some of you may know, Marian got married to her Jason Statham look alike, Jordi de Groot on the 29th of Sept, in Clare (where she is from) in the west of Ireland. Charina’s (former FH colleague) boyfriend Paco did the photography and wow, did he do a fantastic job!

Congrats Marian!