5@5 March 2018

Last Winter Edition!

Signings and renewals


The new deals are:

  • 41 Entertainment - we will be able to collect for their programs, such as Pac-Man and The Ghostly Adventures and Kong – King of the Apes
  • Story SARL - we will be able to collect for their programs, such as Le Petit Vampire
  • Al Dakheel - we will be able to collect for their Oscar nominated film Theeb
  • Bob's Your Uncle - we will be able to collect for their film catalogue (https://www.bobsyourunclellc.com/home/)
AVPR is happy to inform you that we have managed to extend the deal with Futurikon to the end of 2020! Futurikon is a French production company, specialized in animation. Please check out their website http://www.futurikon.com/en/. We have also been able to sign them up for our Lasso service and in this case we are proud to say that we will manage their YouTube channel.

We have also been able to extend our deal with Hasbro Studios/Hasbro International to the March 2021! Popular titles of Hasbro are: My Little Pony, Transformers and Pound Puppies


The new deals are:

  • Barrio Universitario
  • Foster Boy
  • Friend Request (P&A)
  • Heroes
  • I Do Until I Dont fka What's the Point
  • Run The Race
  • Untitled X Project


New deals:

  • Futurikon

Department news


From Monday February 19 through to Wednesday February 21, Zsófia Enyedi, visited the Leiden office for further training in her new role as Client Relationship Manager AVPR. During her stay, a team outing was organized and we enjoyed a workshop making chocolates at Hop & Stork in The Hague, see first two pictures in the banner. Afterwards, we had a nice dinner together.


The 68th annual Berlin International Film Festival took place from 15 to 25 February 2018. As per Genevieve, Berlinale has become an one stop shop event. It was a very busy and successful EFM edition for the sales agents and with growing business opportunities for CAM and Licensing.

One of the meetings Lars and  Willemijn had, was with Raimund Berens (CEO of Iron Box). In the banner a picture of their catch up, including delicious Asian bites.


A recap from Marcom:
  • The team pages have been updated with new staff photos (Leiden staff).
  • The Lasso business page has been updated.
  • The Lasso teams page has been created and updated.
  • Image captions have been added to the business pages. Meaning that below every image the movie title is showing (just as on our homepage banner).
  • The banners on the AVPR and CAM business pages will be updated in the upcoming weeks.

Office Support

Please be informed that the telephone numbers of the CAM and AVPR staff in HU have been changed to NL, Leiden numbers. Staffs e-mail signatures, website and CRM have all been updated. The updated phone list is saved under Finfo > OS.

The new central printer has been installed in the Leiden office. The new machine will  only operate after you have logged in with your personal code. The new method has been chosen as the new standard for Fintage and will result in more efficiency and – most important – no risk of exposure of confidential papers. Each staff member has received a personal user code to unlock the printer, scanner and Box Operator via e-mail.

The Leiden office ordered new FH umbrella's. Don't forget to put them back in the umbrella stand after use. Thanks!


Please be informed that all e-mail account settings have been changed by IDB. E-mails that end up in your “deleted items” folder will be permanently deleted each month. In practice this means that next month your “trash bin” will be completely emptied (including everything that is in there now).

Pat on the back

We survived the cold!

Congratulations guys, we all survived the cold weather from February. We didn't see it coming, did we? Temperatures of -10C in both Budapest and Leiden (not even talking about the RealFeel temperature).

Spring is coming, easter eggs for all of you in March! :)