5@5 July 2018

July Edition

Signings and renewals


New deal:
  • Thin Man Films Ltd. is a new AVPR signing which includes a number of Mike Leigh films, i.e. Vera Drake, Topsy Turvy, Secrets and Lies.


New deal:
  • AVPR and Lasso recently signed Lightning Entertainment for their collections! Check our their catalogue here.


New deals:
  • 100% Wolf
  • Chcolate City 2
  • Countdown (Voltage)
  • High Strung: Free Dance
  • Little Italy
  • Piercing
  • Rolling Stones
  • Think And Grow Rich
  • True History Of The Kelly Gang

Department news


AVPR is happy to announce that they have implemented a new .pdf format to clients’ statements in the portal, which now shows the full details of the reported period. AVPR is working on further portal enhancements, which are expected to become available to the clients in the 2nd half of this year. Stay tuned!


There will be three CAM brides in July; Anna, Ramona and Evelin are all getting married. 

Fintage is wishing you all a lifetime of love and happiness.


Nora Agocs joined the CAM Department as Financial Account Manager, based in Budapest. Nora will replace Attila and will be trained by Anna. She will also report and to Anna. Her first working day was June, 18.


A recap from MARCOM:
  • Please be informed that e-mails to G2 staff will no longer be delivered when using the Fintage e-mail address, please start using the @g2globalmedia.com address.
  • Cannes pictures have been uploaded to FB and the Cannes photo gallery has been sent out to all attendees. Check out the gallery here.
  • FB posts/updates of clients will be checked on a daily basis by means of an daily overview. Aim is to interact more with clients and prospects in a social way.
  • The improvement of the SEO ranking of our website has started.


A recap from OS:
  • The General Calendar will no longer be used for the registration of the whereabouts of persons as not everyone always (timely) informs Office about his/her whereabouts. As a result, from now on please clearly inform your supervisor, as well as your other direct colleagues within your department, of your whereabouts during office hours, and please activate your out-of-office reply when you are out of the office (holiday, days off and/or travelling).
  • In order to streamline things better, incoming calls will no longer go automatically to reception, but to your direct colleague.
  • Voicemails have been activated on all phones.

Pat on the back

K&H Marathon

This year, the HU office completed the 42-kilometer. Each person ran 7km! As Fatime could not join the CAMily team, Zoltan ran the distance twice - hero of the day. The teams were:

CAMily: Balazs, Agi, Ramona, Marton and Gergely.

FutaCAM: Emese, Peter, Zoltan, Zsombor, Anna and Evelin.

Congratulations on this great teamwork!  

Fintage Worldcup 2018

Great to see that there is such a strong female presence this year. Best of luck to all for the upcoming rounds!