2018 January

Happy New Year!

Signings and renewals


The new deals are:

  • The Bachelors
  • Benji
  • Bitter Harvest
  • Chamber, The
  • Espectro
  • February AKA The Blackroat's Daughter
  • Last Witness, The
  • Public, The
  • Putin Files, The
  • Spinning Man
  • Stano


The new deals are:

  • Autumn Sun Company Ltd.  - Tofu aka Tofuman
  • Bloom Media - High Strung: Free Dance
  • Capstone Pictures - Monsters At Large
  • Capstone Pictures - Paws PI
  • Fame Universal Entertainment Ltd. - Bleeding Steel
  • Good Universe Media, LLC - Paradise Hills
  • IM Global - 77 Days
  • Myung Film Inc - Joint Security Area
  • STX Financing LLC - Red Sea Diving Resort, The
  • TF1 Droits Audiovisuals - Alibi.com
  • Wild Bunch - Blood Father
  • Wild Bunch - K.O.

Department news


After several months of hard work, preparation and planning, on December 18th we went live with our new database and reporting tool, Movie Chainer! The Financial Account Managers have already been using the software in the past few weeks but now they are receiving the full MC-experience in the midst of the year-end reporting: bits and pieces are still to be worked on, but in general we are all very happy with this software and cannot wait to move onto the next steps which are the brand new client portal and mobile application, and our statement-automation add-on.

Christmas Party HU & NL

On December 15th both offices had their yearly Christmas Party. The HU staff held their party at the beautiful Varosliget Cafe & Restaurant and the NL staff had theirs at Just Meet. Both parties were a great success and we want to thank you for joining us! Pictures of both parties can be found on FRED under Finfo > Internal Images.


  • Reny Montesinos started working as AVPR U.S. Representative per January, 2018.
  • Ramona has been promoted to Financial Account Manager (from Junior FAM) per January 1, 2018.
  • Marton Kiss postponed his studies and will stay with CAM for one more year.
  • Anett Pocs' last workday was December 20, 2017.


A recap from Marcom
  • Lasso – making adjustments to marketing aspects so that it no longer features in Digital & Beyond but as a FH business line. More to come…
  • Discussions are to take place in January with the OMT re the usage of FRED for our Digital and Beyond teams.
  • Discussions are to take place regarding a new webpage for G2 that will possibly link back to FH also.

Pat on the back

HU Christmas Donation 2017

This year the employees of the Budapest office donated their Christmas gifts in the total amount of 100,000HUF! Half of the amount is donated to Érintettek; an organization supporting families of children battling leukemia. They have launched an initiative whereas all affected children receive a set of string and beads at the beginning of their journey – each milestone is rewarded with another bead to their necklace. Érintettek Egyesület wants to thank staff who donated for their help with which they can ensure the kids that they can continue collecting the beads on their necklaces, helping them to cope with the difficulties and reminding them of their strength and bravery.

The other part of the donation has been given to Hangya Közösség; this group of volunteers are coordinating the vital flow of food, medicines and supplies among animal shelters and -rescue centers across the country. They were beyond grateful for the support: over 120KG of food was delivered to their storage which will soon be delivered to its final destination (for the joy of dozens of fluffy dogs and cats).

We thank you for your donation, let’s carry on in 2018!

NL Fintage Christmas Quiz 2017

The Mistletoo Monsters (Vaucia, Peter, Diane, Joran & Aloys) won this years' Christmas Quiz! They won the golden Christmas ball and the certificate to Eternal Glory. Second price went to Rudolph's Rascals (Andrew, Annelies, Jelle & Willemijn) and the third price went to the Christmas Tree Trippers (Hanneke, Martha, Vincent & Edwin).

Great job guys!