December 2017

Deals, Event Reviews & A New Office!

Signings and renewals


The new deals are


  • Millennium Media - 1 year extension. One of our top 10 clients! - AVPR
  • m4e, m4e TV GmbH, Telescreen B.V., Hahn & m4e Productions GmbH. New deal, but an old client who went to our competitor Compact and came back after 1 year! - AVPR
  • WMR Library - Lasso
  • Reel World Management - Lasso


The new deals are:

  • Adventurers, The
  • Bel Canto
  • Call Me By Your Name
  • City Of Ghosts
  • Crown Heights
  • Gloria
  • Little Monsters
  • Marrowbone
  • Monica Lozano Serrano Titles (Alebrije)
  • Mortal
  • On The Milky Road
  • Ottoman Lieutenant, The fka Mountains and the Stones, The
  • Paris Can Wait fka Bonjour Anne
  • Prayer Before Dawn, A
  • Untitled X Project
  • Todos Lo Saben


The new deals are:

  • Bloom Media - Shadow
  • Capstone Pictures - Boming, The
  • Global Genesis Group - Axel Adventure of the Space Kids
  • Global Genesis Group - Moomins and The Winter Wonderland
  • Hanway - Caravan
  • Hanway - Made In Italy
  • Hanway - Wolf Hour, The
  • Lakeshore Entertainment Distribution Corp. - AXL
  • Mad River International LLC - If Beale Street Could Talk
  • Millenium Media Inc fka Nu Image Inc - Day of the Dead: Bloodline
  • Monarchy - Noriega: God's Favourite
  • Montecristo International Entertainment LLC - Love Everlasting
  • Voltage Pictures LLC - Little Italy


  We are still in the process of realigning our business offerings/fee structures, all in the light of the cost base analysis project that we have been running in the course of this year. As a part of this process we are revisiting our clientele, whereupon couple of titles that have fully been exploited by Protocol will be wrapped up and handed back to the producers. One of them is “The Other Man”. We have been servicing this title “The Other Man” for almost 5 years, since January 2013 (almost 3 years beyond the originally agreed term), made its royalty statement reporting up to speed and collected all the catch-up amounts for the producer.

In this period we serviced a minor library management related task for El Deseo.

We also built a database and assembled data to be analyzed for an expert witness statement Gavin has been delivering relating to a claim against a studio franchise. First of its kind!  We will know in February if the client has been successful!

Department news


Genevieve: "This 2017 MIPCOM edition was crowded, less product launch than last year but with more sales. Content is the ‘star’ and the platforms have a very strong impact on the acquisitions prices as they want to purchase all rights rather than leaving them on the table. In Scandinavia, for example, platform Viaplay is very strong and will buy full rights only. Sales are globalizing, but locally each market remains unique.

The Beach Party was super and the good Champagne was nothing compared to the great atmosphere and the relaxing company!"

Diane: "This MIPCOM, it was my first time out on my own as Sales & Marketing Coordinator AVPR, which was very exciting. It was a successful market for me, spoke with approx. 30 prospects and clients, practicing my talk. Had a few with meetings together with Marcel and Akiko and was happy to experience the vibe at the Palais. Furthermore, Fintage and Lasso were both sponsors to the Holland Beach Party, which was a very nice event that was attended by 32 of our clients. Our visit reports can be found under the Foot print section. Already 2 agreements were signed from our trip; one AVPR and one Lasso deal!

With my MIPCOM experience ‘in the pocket’, I travelled to Los Angeles for a 6 day spread to the American Film Market and client visits in the Los Angeles area. The Fintage Pier Party was a right success and it was cool to feel the buzz in the Loews hotel, where I visited numerous booths of clients and prospects. After the weekend I cruised around town and met several AVPR clients and general prospects at their offices. There were some very nice opportunities for AVPR and also Lasso received a lot of traction. Curious to know more? Please check my visit reports can be found under the Foot print section."



Szilvia Szendi’s went on maternity leave per November 30, 2017. Olivia Kis is hired for the position of Account Administration Assistant per November 6, 2017 and will replace Szilvia Szendi. Olivia Kis is helping us with the scanning project.


A recap from Marcom:
  • The WORD-letter templates have been changed and updated with the new logo and for the Leiden staff, new address.
  • The Leiden office received new envelopes with the new logo and address. The envelopes are stored in the printer/copier room on the white table. Please help yourself.
  • All e-mail signatures have been changed. The new e-mail signatures contain the new logo and for the Leiden staff, new address.

Office Moving

November was a fun, busy and hectic month. The Moving Project was divided in three stages. The last workday at the Stationsweg 32 was on November 24, 2017. A walk for staff was organized on this day to the new office so that they could have a sneak peek. After visiting the new office, a lovely lunch was served by our friends from Kasual at the Stationsweg 32. In the week from 27 October to 1 January, most staff worked from home. Hanneke and Mia were on location, coordinating the Moving Project.

Pat on the back

Moving Project

The complete network was moved successfully and on time which made it possible to start working from the new office in the first week of December just like planned!


This year there were 163 (!) confirmed meetings (with 6 Fintage people attending), this does not include the meetings Robbert and Diane had outside AFM. Last year, when 7 Fintage people attended AFM, there were 143 confirmed meetings.

Great job guys!