2018 February

New deals and great Lasso news!

Signings and renewals


AVPR renewed their deal with IM Global (Global Road, Tang Media Partners) for 3 years. The deal also includes our services through Lasso!


The new deals are:

  • Birthmarked
  • Boarding School
  • Fabula-IMG Master CAMA
  • Florida Project, The
  • Gruffalo And Other Titles fka Revolting Rhymes
  • I Am Not A Witch
  • Journey To China fka Iron Mask: Journey to China
  • Louisiana Caviar
  • Myago
  • Once Upon a Time (IM Global)
  • Ordinary Man, An
  • Rider, The


Lasso is sending a tender offer to the football club Manchester United this Wednesday for their digital rights management, which is very exciting and we hope to get the deal. Stay tuned!

Department news


As you know, Zsófia Enyedi started as a Client Relationship Manager for AVPR last month. She will visit the Leiden office for further training from February 19-21, 2018.


Lars was in the Budapest office on January 24 and 25. The CAM Group (with the 2 guests of honor Said and Peter) had a very nice dinner in Pomodoro, a.o. to say “bye” to Zsófia. She was thanked for the great work she had done over the last 2,5 years for the Commercial Film and TV group. At the same time, Evelin was welcomed as Zsófia's replacement. The dinner was also a great opportunity to relax as it's always very busy during the 1st month of the year.

Peter Kostense went to the screening of YOUTH at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in the last weekend of December. Directed by Feng Xiaogang, the Chinese Spielberg, famous for blockbusters like A World Without Thieves (2004) and Aftershock (2010). His features guarantee box office hits in China, besides global appeal and international distribution. YOUTH is a coming-of-age story against the background of the Cultural Revolution and it’s aftermath. We follow a provincial military-arts troupe in the People's Liberation Army, whose duty is promoting cultural and revolutionary values through music and dance. Even with very little knowledge of Chinese history one will highly appreciate the story because of universal human elements and experiences: growing-up, being bullied, class-difference, music and art, love and the underdog becoming the unexpected hero. On top of this, the film is a marvel of colour and music; a cinematography that brings a colour palette along the lines of Zhang Yimou and Almodovar.



Martijn Trommel started working as Assistant for the AVPR department per January 8, 2018. Martijn will work approximately 20 hours a week and is replacing Martin Brummelkamp. Zsófia Enyedi started working for the AVPR department as Client Relationship Manager per January, 2018. 


Nadia re-joined the CAM department per January 8, 2018. Evelin Benke started working as Executive Assistant per January 22, 2018 and is replacing Zsófia Enyedi.


A recap from Marcom:
  • The booklet slider is finished and a post about it with the link and password was uploaded to FRED.
  • The new signature block has been uploaded to FRED with guidelines as to how to change it within outlook. Please make sure to update your signature before February 12.
  • New staff photos for the website will be taken in the Leiden office on Tuesday, February 6 from 12.00 - 14.30. Photos will be taken of staff that is not on the website and staff whose pictures are older than 4 years.
  • After the staff photography, a new Lasso page will be created within the FH team tab.
  • The declaration forms have been updated and can be found under Finfo.
  • G2 staff has been removed from FRED per January 30.

Pat on the back


We are happy to announce that Fintage House fully acquires Lasso Group, one of the fastest growing online monetization companies in the world. Originally a joint venture established by UK digital start-up Billion Dollar Boy & global leader in independent rights management Fintage House, this new deal positions Fintage House for expanded streaming media growth and reach.