2017 November

The November Edition

Signings and renewals


The new deals are:

  • AVPR: Extended their deal with Red Arrow International for another 5 years.
  • Lasso: Unfortunately, Red Arrow decided to terminate the deal with Lasso due to their newly acquired company Studio 71 that manages online content.


The new deals are:

  • Believe (Amalgamation)
  • Divine Divas
  • Flatliners
  • Home Again
  • Kiva Can Do
  • Skiptrace
  • Stockholm
  • Thumper
  • Vita & Virginia


The new deals are:

  • Edko Films Ltd. - Our Shining Days
  • Lionsgate UK Ltd. - Simple Favor, A
  • 13 Films LLC - Decoy
  • Voltage Pictures LLC - Between Worlds

Department news


Nadja visited the Danish society (second picture in banner) and reached an agreement with Filmret to collect and distribute Rentransmission Royalties from commercial broadcasters who currently only pay local Danish producers.

MIPCOM was more crowded than MIP in April. Diane and Akiko had good meetings with ICONIX (Korean company) and Sony Creative (Japanese company), see first and last picture in banner. Fintage co-hosted an events at MIPCOM: "The Dutch Party".  With the help of all reps there was a very good attendance! The party was popular under clients and it seems that everyone enjoyed the Dutch snacks: cheese and crockets. Photos of the event will be uploaded next 5@5, including some shots of AFM.

Christmas 2017

Hoo Hoo Hoo - in 7 weeks it's that time of the year again, so time to reveal some Christmas Party details! Both offices will have their Christmas Party on Friday December 15, 2017. This years' theme will be a Classic Christmas. Most of you have turned in their Christmas Wishlist, thank you for that. Santa's helpers can now start collecting all gifts. More info regarding the venues will be revealed this month on FRED.


AVPR and Lasso

Barbara Bernath-Aratone will be assisting the Lasso team for YouTube and Facebook related work. Initially she will work from home but as of November she will be in the Budapest office for a couple of days a week. She will mainly work with Jelle Jansen (Leiden Office) and James Bell (located in the U.S.) for Lasso.

Joran de Haan joined the AVPR department per October 2, 2017. Joran will be working on both AVPR and Lasso businesses and mainly deal with conflicting claims and related matters.


Júlia Halász joined the NL team as Financial Account Manager on October 2, 2017.

Marton Kiss will leave Fintage House at the end of November. He will move to Madrid to continue his law studies. There is now an opening for the position of CAM Assistant in the Budapest office.


A recap from Marcom:
  • Change of address external comms project is still running. Banners on the website are done, the social media pages are done and now it’s the email signature prompt and mail chimp preparation (thanks Juud and Agi). The mail chimp for clients and corporate network is set for the end of November.
  • All contacts of Operations are informed regarding the address change.
  • The branding bible will be updated very soon with all updated artwork. Check out Finfo Marcom on FRED.
  • FRED’s look will be updated soon to represent the new logo artwork.
  • Envelopes with the new address are ordered and new WORD templates have been designed and will be added soon.

Office Moving Leiden

The Leiden Office is getting really close to the moving date (see third picture in banner)! Pretty much all rooms are ready for use. Mia, Hanneke, Robbie and IDB, are still working very hard to make the deadline. Monday December 4, 2017 will be the first workday at the new office.

The new Leiden Office address is: Schipholweg 71, 2316 ZL Leiden

Pat on the back

This summer Mia earned her Masters degree in Communication Science. Her graduation day was in October at the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She wrote her thesis about Corporate Social Responsibility and consumer trust and the roles of suspicion of strategic behavior and skepticism and was rewarded with an 8!