2017 March

New deals, new signings and a special guest!

Signings and renewals


New deal:
  • AVPR signed TALPA GLOBAL - famous for their production "The Voice"
Terminated deal:
  • Australian Broadcasting Corporation has terminated agreement with AVPR and unfortunately opted for their local society in Australia to handle their future collections.
Industry/Society/Internal Operations:
  • Facebook recently launched their new rights management tool and thus LASSO has been very busy claiming their content for future payments.


The new deals for this month are:
  • Kickboxer: Retaliation
  • Love Everlasting
  • Neruda
  • Science Fiction Volume One: The Osiris Child
  • Untitled Malick Project Project V (Lawless) aka Weightless
  • Wakefield
  • We Need to Talk



The new deals for this month are:
  • Pony with A broken Wing
  • Swallows and Amazons
  • Jeepers Creepers
  • Mangler, The
  • Siberia
  • Jeremy aka El Jeremias
  • Final Girl
  • Life Itself
  • Promise, The
  • Groon: Last of the Enforcers
  • Fermale Brain, The
  • So B. It
  • Legens of the Condor Heroes, The


Protocol has recently signed a contract with Sidney Kimmel Entertainment (familiar for Licensing and CAM as well) for the overage collection and rights management for 15 of their produced titles (including “Alpha Dog”, “Copying Beethoven”, “Griffin & Phoenix” and “Death at a Funeral”) for certain territories. This library includes around 400 deals and the team is excited to see if there's some hidden money to be found.  

Department news

Berlinale/EFM 2017

Berlinale/EFM 2017 attendees this year were Maarten, Lars, Willemijn, Peter K., Genevieve, Zsófia F., Said and Robbert. The market for Fintage attendees was business as usual with good meetings both from a relationship maintenance point of view as well as new opportunities and we would like to share with you some of the highlights:

Maarten: “The EFM was great this year, in the sense that I had back-to-back meetings all through and two second-tier sales agents (Memento and Highland) advised me that they had an excellent market. I also made progress on getting Mr. SHAN Dongbing being involved in our China activities. We also saw a few new opportunities, amongst others with Storybook Films of Elizabeth Beauregard and Highland Film Group, who asked us to quote on their bigger budget films.”

Peter K.: “For Protocol the Berlinale is the perfect platform to meet with distributors. As an example: we could meet with the Spanish distributor of one of the Bavaria (German producer/sales agent) films, discuss their exploitation reporting and a feasible payment plan for the amount of royalties that's due (which amount was substantially increased after Protocol's analysis of the distributor's reporting) and subsequently Protocol liaised on the spot with Bavaria to get acceptance for this plan. Very efficient, and Protocol got all parties together and in sync.”

Zsófia F.: “Being my first European market, I enjoyed this busy market. It was great meeting with potential clients (such as PantaFlix), as well as people I work with on a regular basis, and it was very useful to learn more about their new projects. Although, I have no benchmark, I had the impression that the market was fast-paced and everyone I talked with said they were happy with the result of this EFM.”

Willemijn: “My impression is that it was busier than last year. My schedule with an interesting mix of people I already met and people I did not meet yet, with a variety of English, German, Dutch (the new tax credit system is attracting more film projects to NL and generating more work for Dutch Producers) and last but not least the Irish. The reception of the Irish Film Board was well attended, the Irish kept going strong way after the original time it should have ended  - I don’t know if that had anything to do with the good vibe of the Berlinale in general or the open bar…”

Good to know that this year Golden Bear Winner (last picture banner) is a Hungarian film directed by Ildikó Enyedi “On Body And Soul”. Congratulations to our Hungarian colleagues!


Emese, Agi and Peter Bartels have held a day-long session in Leiden at the beginning of February. The session was attended by the representatives of Backup Films (a French company), Hoot Kotuur and IDB both from the Netherlands. Maarten and Lars also joined a part of the meeting.

Backup Films is a software development company and they are working on the new database of CAM (MovieChainer) which will replace the current MediaMaestro database and provide – amongst others - a statement-automation feature. Hoot Kotuur is a young Dutch duo working on the mobile app which will be based on CAM’s new client portal, whilst IDB is working on the technical background.

Although these parties have been working together for months already, they had not met face-to face yet. The meeting has proven to be very fruitful – being in the same room always makes a difference - and it gave some extra boost as the project is now shifting into the designing phase. More news to follow!


Martin Brummelkamp started working for AVPR per February 1, 2017.

The 3 new positions which were posted in December and January for the AVPR department have been filled. As of May 1, 2017 the following people will be working for the AVPR department: Annelies Storsbergen as Royalty and Administration Employee, Myrto Rogan as Royalty and Administration Manager and Diane van Beekum as Marketing and Sales Coordinator.

Peter Lafferthon will join the CAM team as a Relationship Manager per May 1, 2017.

It was agreed not to continue with Emil Reich who was on probation period as Financial Account Manager at the CAM Department.

Gréta Galbács returned from maternity leave per February 1, 2017. After having spent her accumulated leaves, now she is on board again, supporting the Licensing Team as Relationship Manager 6 hours per day. Gréta is managing her own client portfolio, as well as updating Film Track and administrating royalties.

Alexandra Gál joined us as Accounts Administration Officer per February 13, 2017. Alexandra graduated from Szent István University, majoring in Finance. After graduation, she gained experience in financial reporting and data analysis at the Research Institute of Agricultural Economics. Alexandra will be in charge of monitoring and administering bank accounts, making payments and supervising transfers.

The working days of Anju Groeneveld changed and she is now working Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays.

Robbie van Kruining will be in the office Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays and Fridays he will be working from home.


The front page of the website has been updated to showcase only film, TV, digital and beyond along with some other design changes. The business group drop down has now also been updated. Marian will be making more changes to the website in the coming weeks and will keep you updated via FRED. * The Transition Team tab will be removed as per end of April.

Furthermore there will be a music division farewell evening on Wednesday 26th April for all staff in the Leiden office from 6 – 11pm. Drinks and canapes will be provided. For more details – say tuned to FRED.

Music Division Acquisition & Transition Recap

News regarding the transition:
  • Individual talks took place with all music division staff and we have worked out the outcome of these talks with each member.
  • The music archive at Iron Mountain are in the process of being shipped to Kobalt. More details to follow re archiving needs.


A few points from OS NL:
  • Zetacom separated the UK numbers from our phone system so they are no longer part of it
  • The little fridge is weekly emptied, there won't be any emails about this
  • The rent of Sationsweg 23B will be terminated per April 30, 2017
  • Reparations: floor heating in the hallway, Nespresso coffee machine, key lock of the front door, Viteau water cooler & our FH bike received a brand new tire!
Note: Please use the coffee machine in the right way. Making lungo coffee from espresso pads (dark pads) and ristretto pads (green pads) will harm the coffee machine and will make the machine malfunction again and we don't want that. :)

Pat on the back

January is always one of the busiest month for CAM in terms of reporting. The Hungarian CAM department had a nice group dinner after successfully completing the year end statements. They were accompanied by a very special and famous guest that evening: Dexter (Michael C. Hall)! The celebrity is currently shooting a film in Budapest.