2017 June

All you need to know about Cannes 2017!

Signings and renewals


The new deals for this month are:
  • Anon
  • Colette
  • Fright Fest
  • Hide and Seek
  • Tormentero
  • Trainspotting 2
  • VS


The new deals for this month are:
  • Fatima, Arclight
  • See You Tomorrow, Block 2 Distribution Ltd.
  • Wonderstruck, FilmNation International, LLC
  • Here Comes the Grump, GFM Films LLP
  • Domino, IM Global
  • Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings, IM Global
  • Stano, Kathy Morgan International
  • Peppermint, Lakeshore
  • The One Thing, Lakeshore
  • Spy Who Dumped Me, Lionsgate UK Ltd.
  • Chaos Walking, Lionsgate UK Ltd.
  • Hellboy: Rise of The Blood Queen, Millenium Media Inc fka Nu Image Inc
  • Book of Daniel, Pure Flix/Quality Flix division of Pure Flix Ent. LLC
  • Attrition, Saradan Media Ltd.
  • General Commander (Season 1), Saradan Media Ltd.
  • Hunter's Prayer, Sierra Pictures
  • Killerman, The Solution Entertainment Group
  • Fahrenheit 9/11 (Weinstein), Weinstein Global Film Corporation

Department news


As per Said the market started very slow and initially caused concerns for the sales agents in particular, then there was some relief as sales activities picked up towards the end. Trade magazine are of the same view. Licensing is receiving nice deals which in line with the above.

To give all of you a general feeling about this year’s event, Said asked some colleagues to share their point of view, please see below:

Zsofia F.: "I thoroughly enjoyed my meetings in Cannes with clients and prospects. Both the French Wine Dutch Cheese and the Boules event were great opportunities to meet multiple industry players in just one calendar slot. How effective! I would like to thank our team for organizing both events so wonderfully!

In general, people complained about the slow market, however some also agreed that despite the slowness they managed to close very lucrative deals. Of course, Netflix and Amazon came up at some point in all conversation and it was interesting to hear the different standpoints."

Anita: “I very much enjoyed meeting my own clients as well as some other familiar faces from the business and the Boules Event was the perfect setting for this. As per my clients’ opinion, Cannes was not a particularly a good market with too few valuable content to buy or even sell. Netflix’s came up in most of my conversations. Despite the slow market, we already received some exciting new deals, like “Peppermint” from Lakeshore and “Chaos Walking” from Lionsgate.”

Gavin: “Lots of security, with much fewer people. Bunker had lots of empty stands. Lots of networking, and Said and I had a great meeting with Protagonist.”

Maarten: “A record number of guests at our Boules event. General attendance was down from previous years, but the professionals who should be there were present. Soldiers patrolling on the Croisette was a disturbing sight, however a Cannes Film Festival without rain is great and extremely rare. The meetings with Original Force from Nanjing in China and XYZ from Los Angeles jumped out to me as being very positive.”

Lars: “For me it was a good market, as almost always. The people who I wanted to see were there, I had good meetings with both existing relations and potential new relations, and not one meeting was cancelled. And both the French Wince Dutch Cheese event and the Boules Event were a huge success again”

Willemijn: “Cannes was a very productive market. The French Wine and Dutch Cheese was a big success. Great to see how steady and well known the event now is, famous for its excellent cheese and great networking!”

Anna: “First time in Cannes, it was very interesting to meet the clients I work with on a regular basis and it was also a great experience to walk up the red carpet for the official screening of How To Talk To Girls At Parties.”

Peter K.: “Protocol targeted “Royalty Statement Analysis” to it’s clients and prospects. Royalty Statement Analysis results in improvement of recoupment position for rights-holders, and subsequently also in more money for those rights-holders (and for Protocol). Protocol has a bunch of happy clients, and those clients are now considering to have more of their titles to be taken care of by Protocol. Focus features and Global Screen will be engaged for further Protocol services and also Arclight will now engage Protocol for one title to start with.”

Genevieve: “Cannes was busy for me, with back-to-back meetings nonetheless the difficulty of going through intense security in and out of the Palais and streets around it. Good opportunity to challenge one’s waiting patience!

Appointments with sales agents, distributors and producers, also together with Willemijn and Zsofia, were very positive and I saw several business prospects for AVPR, CAM and Licensing.

A very good year again for French competitors MEMENTO and FILM DISTRIBUTION exceptionally sharing the Grand Prix de la Critique for their common involvement in Robin Campillo movie “120 Beats per Minute.

Interesting to see that more and more independent film producers are getting into the TV series business like UK based “Pistacchio” with “Sens8” (on Netflix), Italy’s WildSide preparing the second season of “The Young Pope”, AVPR client Indigo Film (with 2 movies in Cannes this year “Sicilian Ghost Stories” and “Fortunata”) in pre-production of a musical TV series for RAI.”


Budapest Office

As we're having new colleagues coming on board, an introduction week was organized in the Budapest Office. The program aims to give an introduction in the core business activities. It also gives insight into the activities and support functions of the business lines. Lectures were delivered by CAM, Licensing, AVPR, Protocol, Accounts and HR.


Alexandra Gál, Accounts Administration Assistant decided to leave the company in her trial period. The search for her replacement is in progress. Should you be interested in the vacancy, please contact Pál for further details.

Eva Garai, Assistant Sales and Acquisitions decided to terminate her employment during the probation period and continue her career elsewhere. Should you be interested in the vacancy, please contact Pál for further details.


The deal making mojo was in full swing as over 400 entertainment heavy hitters attended the annual Boules event. This year the actress who played young princess Leia in Star Wars Rogue One was in attendance.

The website project is nearly finished. Our social feed is up now on the news page and next to address is a new security set-up for our new contact page. Marian is working on a social media campaign with Peter Rosko for the Film and TV business lines (as well as FH in general) since May. It is a 6 month starter campaign after which we will review results. The branding Protocol International has been adjusted (across all mediums). It will be showcased on FRED soon.


The IT room has been renovated and the ceiling in the room has been painted. The room is ready for use again. As you might have noticed, there's some work being done on the outside of the building. This is mostly arranged by the landlord. Last but not least, the new parking policy has been updated on FRED. You can find it under Finfo > Office Support.

Pat on the back

The 70th annual Cannes Film Festival took place from 17 to 28  May 2017 in Cannes, France. With 220 confirmed meetings, the festival was a great success again. Also the Boules event and the French Wine and Dutch cheese were a big hit.

We would like to thank the team for their work and effort!