2017 July

Babynews, new deals and a retirement!

Signings and renewals


Did you know that although animation only counted for 5% of releases in 2013, it made 21% of the box office, making it the highest earning genre of 2013. The highest earning release being, Despicable Me 2?

The new deals of this month are:
  • AVPR: Sony Creative (Mofy), Clover Spy, One Animation (OddBods)
  • Lasso: MRC, Revolution Studios has extended for another 2 years!


The new deals of this month are:
  • Better Watch Out fka Safe Neighborhood
  • Detective Dee: The Four Heavenly Kings
  • Duck Duck Goose
  • Kodachrome
  • Little Prince aka Petit Prince
  • My Scientology
  • Peterloo
  • Songbird
  • Triple Threat
  • Youth


The new deals of this month are:
  • Death of Me, The - 13 Films LLC
  • Imprisoned - 13 Films LLC
  • Detroit - Annapurna International LLC
  • Journey to the West: The Demons Strike Back - Bingo Group
  • Book Club - Bloom Media
  • Iron Mask: Journey to China - Capstone Pictures
  • Extraordinary Mission - Distribution Workshop (HK) Limited
  • Heidi: Queen of the Mountain - Double Dutch International Inc.
  • Spark: A Space Tail - Double Dutch International Inc.
  • Inversion - Foresight Unlimited
  • All The Devil's Men - GFM Films LLP
  • Time Freak - Good Universe Media, LLC
  • All About Secrets - IM Global
  • City of Rock - IM Global
  • Escape (IM Global) - IM Global
  • Once Upon a Time - IM Global
  • Putin Files aka Putin Diaries - IM Global
  • Real - IM Global
  • Richard Says Goodbye - IM Global
  • Unabomb - IM Global
  • Wanting, The - Laskeshore Entertainment Distribution Corp.
  • Belleville Cop - Lionsgate UK Ltd
  • Freak Shift - Mad River International LLC
  • Lucky (2017) - Magnolia Pictures LLC
  • Sisters Brothers - Panorama Media, LLC
  • Vita & Virginia - Protagonist Pictures
  • Lucky's Treasure - Pure Flix /  Quality Flix division of Pure Flix Ent. LLC
  • All The Old Knives - Sierra Pictures
  • Dreamland - Sierra Pictures
  • Megan Leavey - Sierra Pictures
  • Widow, The - Sierra Pictures
  • All The Money in The World - STX Financing LLC
  • Dead Trigger - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evile and Vile - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • I Feel Pretty - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Singularity - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Status Update - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Welcome Home - Voltage Pictures LLC


Protocol was engaged with the Canadian production company Alcina Pictures and collected royalty statements and due overages for the comedy “The Love Child” a/k/a “The Con Artist” (2010), starring Donald and Rossif Sutherland (father and son).

Department news


Diane and Marcel will be heading to Munich to meet with Red Arrow! Good Universe is under Diane’s radar - hold thumbs for signatures!

The proposal for a Regulation on cross-border portability of online content services in the internal market was adopted by the European Parliament on Thursday 18 June, 2017. In other words, if you have a Netflix subscription or HBO account, you could only view content within the Dutch borders. However, with the new regulation, you can now use your account anywhere – next to a pool on the French Riviera perhaps?

Furthermore Genevieve attended Annecy (see 1st picture in the banner). Annency has become the home of the world’s largest and most prestigious film festival dedicated to animation, alongside with its MIFA market. With a bigger and more diverse program than ever, this year’s edition continues to innovate, expanding the scope and vision to host a truly concrete international celebration of everything animated.

MIFA’s country of honor was China this year and under such spotlight the country unveiled an amazing industry reflection of diverse takes on the Chinese culture, narrative and style, also in VR. One of the great attraction of this edition was Virtual Reality which is more and more impacting the animation world. During the market, Google Spolight Stories presented their first productions and independents like Studio 100 Animation and Baobab Studios are fund raising.



Myrto Rogan returned from her maternity and parental leave per June 12, 2017. Her working days are Mon, Wed, Thu and Fri.


Marvin Clara left the company as a Financial Account Manager CAM per July 1, 2017. Assistant CAM Janny Rijn went on her well-deserved retirement per July 1, 2017.


Pal Raboczki EVP/BLM Licensing left the company per July 1, 2017. Tamara Darai joined the Licensing team as Assistant Sales & Acquisitions per June 12, 2017.


Zsombor Vadász left the company as Accounts Officer Operations per July 1, 2017. Henrietta Halászi left the company as HR Business Partner per July 1, 2017.


The internal events team structure going forward is as follows:
  • Budapest - Eva & Agi
  • Leiden - Mia & Dimi


The window frames in the CAM rooms got replaced from the outside. The light in the men's toilet on the 2nd floor got fixed. Furthermore the First Aid Kit and AED got checked and supplemented.



Pat on the back

Sporting Events

Last month, both offices gathered and participated in a sports event. The Leiden office was the first one up and participated in this year's Mud Masters in Scheveningen (see 2nd picture in the banner). The day after, the Budapest office participated in the K&H marathon in relay. If you haven't seen the pictures please go to Finfo > Images. You guys did a great job!

Baby news

Stella Margaret Friedberg was born on May 15 at 3:04pm weighing 7 lbs 5 oz and 21 inches long. We want to congratulate the parents Marta (Consultant) and John on their baby girl!

Janny's Retirement

On July 1, 2017 Janny went on her well-deserved retirement. Her retirement was celebrated by both offices with a dinner (see last two pictures in the banner). The Budapest office organized a really nice dinner in a garden where 58 palinka was consumed. During the dinner of the Leiden office, Robbert gave a speech and "Who is the killer?" was played. Fintage wants to thank Janny for all the years that she worked for the company. We wish her all the best.