2017 August

The August Edition

Signings and renewals


Did you know that there's a note in the end credits of Frozen stating that Kristoff's opinions on boogers do not reflect those of Disney?

New deals and extensions of this month are:
  • AVPR: Walden Media (extended) - Famous for Chronicles of Narnia
  • Lasso: Apollo Media - famous for Crash that won 3 Oscars (Best Film, Best Original Screenplay, Best Editing)


The new deals of this month are:
  • About Love - Covert Media
  • Project Gutenberg - Distribution Workshop (HK) Limited
  • Thousand Faces of Dunjia, The - Distribution Workshop (HK) Limited
  • Breathe - Embankment Films Limited
  • Wife, The - Embankment Films Limited
  • Beautiful Boy - FilmNation International LLC
  • Exception, The - Silver Reel
  • Cold Moon - Hyde Park
  • Seagull, The - Hyde Park
  • Putin Interviews, The aka Putin Files aka Putin Diaries - IM Global
  • Take me to the Moon - mm2 Entertainment
  • Samson - Pure Flix / Quality division of Pure Flix Ent. LLC
  • Battle of Memories - Wanda Pictures (Hong Kong) Co Ltd
  • Untouchable - Weinstein Global Film Corporation


After handling The Bank Job, Protocol was again engaged with Vine Film Finance Fund for two extra titles. The deal is concluded for one year with the goal to chase up and review royalty statements and to collect due overage payments into the Fintage CAM account. The titles are 3:10 to Yuma (2007) starring Russell Crowe and Christian Bale and The Forbidden Kingdom (2008) starring Jackie Chan and Jet Li (see last two pictures in the banner).

Department news


Marcel and Diane went to Munich on July 10, 2017 and met with their contacts at ApolloMedia, Red Arrow International and Constantin Film. The meetings were overall positive and they are happy to announce that a new deal has already been signed with ApolloMedia for Lasso (see signings renewals). For more details please read the visit reports which are saved in Fred’s Footprint section.

And there's more great news: The AVPR portal has gone live! More news will follow on FRED soon.

AVPR portal


On Tuesday July 18, 2017 the Leiden office attended the goodbye lunch for Marvin and Nadia (see first two pictures in the banner). The lunch was at Kasual and since the weather was so great everyone could sit outside in the garden. There were speeches, gifts and really nice food. Fintage wants to thank Marvin and Nadia again for all the years that they have worked for the company.

We wish them all the best!



Nadia Banoori left the company as a Financial Account Manager CAM. Her last working day was July 21, 2017. Zoltan Kegyes is the new CAM Assistant at the Budapest office per July 10, 2017.


Szilvia Szendi joined the Licensing team as Junior Accounts Administration Manager per June 19, 2017.


A few things from Marcom:
  • The Events page has been split up into Past, Upcoming and Future events.
  • The Contact page has undergone a new security and swift mailer application.
  • Marian is reviewing a few designs aspects (email signatures and the brand colouring on the website) and creating a new FH booklet (for print and digital use).
  • Last but not least, thank you all for filling out the FRED Feedback Survey! The purpose of the survey was to improve the service, to ensure the optimal use of FRED and to keep all relevant features online. The relevancy of certain aspects/sections are being analyzed at the moment.


The painting from the outside of the building is officially done and the safety page on FRED has been updated.

Pat on the back

G2 Global Media Group

Said Boudarga and Gavin James have joined forces with Fintage House to create a new ownership structure for our Licensing and Protocol business. Said and Gavin, through their co-owned company called G2 Global Media Group, are now the majority shareholder alongside Fintage House. As Co-CEO’s for International Licensing and Protocol International, Said (aka G1) and Gavin (aka G2) will be the key points of contact sharing both client and operational roles.

Congratulations guys!