2016 September

We are back with all updates from July & August!

Signings and renewals


Did you know? The word "Dude" in "The Big Lebowski" is used approximately 161 times?

New Deals:
  • Gaga Corporation
Extended Deals:
  • Scholastic Entertainment
Industry/Society/Internal Operations:
  • Due to certain technical developments, Ziggo has taken a position that they are no longer required to obtain permission or pay remuneration with respect to their transmissions. Royalties could severely decrease should the courts agree with Ziggo’s arguments.
  • Screenrights the Australian society for Secondary rights, are alleged to have engaged in numerous breaches of statutory duty and interference with contractual relations. As a result, the Australian guild claims that Screenrights may owe Australian scriptwriters millions of dollars of royalties.


  New signings:
  • Devil's Knot
  • Don't Think Twice
  • Elvis & Nixon
  • Female Fight Club
  • Fifty Shades of Black
  • An Ideal Home
  • The Intervention
  • Manchester by the Sea
  • The Nut Job 2
  • So B It
  • Starhunter - Creator's Cut
  • Toxin
  • Visions
  • Why We're Killing Gunther


New titles:
  • Redd Inc. - Arclight
  • Ma'Rosa - Center Stage
  • Female Fight Club - Cineville International LLC
  • Mothers and Daughters - Lot Media LLC
  • Royal Romance - My Way Film Company Limited - NEW CLIENT :)
  • Godforsaken - STX Financing LLC
  • A.R.C.H.I.E. (aka ARCHIE) - Double Dutch International Inc.
  • Super Awesome Mega Babies - Good Universe

Music Publishing

Dave and Mike from BirdPen surprised Mandy with a generous thank you gift on Friday 26th August to mark the occasion of their new album release. The release was once again licensed to Fintage Music Int’l B.V and distributed by FUGA (Digital) and Republic of Music (Physical).  Fintage project managed and coordinated the release and the Int’l PR teams. A true ‘Publishing Plus’ enterprise!

Neighbouring Rights

New Signings:  
  • Randy Newman
  • Erick Serna
  • Christopher Gallant
  • K.T. Oslin
  • American rockers like 3 Doors Down and more!
  New Labels:  
  • Deepdive Records
  • Global Productions
  • Loud and Proud Records
  • Roost and Rocks


New deals:
  • Odd Nordstoga
  • Michael Hurcombe from the band Birdpen
  • Thomas Chapman from the band New Order
  • Joe Elliott from the band Def Leppard

Department news

HR News

  • Budapest Office: The CAM department has a new Assistant, Márton Kiss. He started on August 24th. Welcome!
  • Leiden Office: Martin Brummelkamp, Kees Kraaijeveld and Bram Koehoorn left Fintage House.

London Office

It's summer so why not enjoy it? The London office organized a nice summer barbecue and got together for a round of mini golf!



Neighbouring Rights

Maya and Pauline visited the Farm and took the opportunity to go hiking in Wales! Ariana visited the office with her baby son Ruben a few weeks ago. Both are doing well and everybody hopes they will visit again soon! The first picture in the above banner was taken the last Thursday in August as Bram requested to have a lunch with the Neighbouring Rights team one last time. During a celebratory sunny lunch the Neighbouring Rights team had a great time reviving good memories. As much as the office is sad to see Bram go, we are all wishing him the best of luck on to his next journey!  


  • The AVPR Room, Royalty Room and Music Publishing room got renovated and the old furniture was removed
  • New plates & bowls were ordered for staffs use
  • The fridge was defrosted and cleaned
  • Maintenance on the Nespresso coffee machine was done
  • The reception received two beautiful now plants
  • The broken sill near the entrance was repaired
  • A new Cup-A-Soup assortment is in place in the kitchen, enjoy!
  • The hedges on the parking lot received a nice cute
  • All personal cups and mugs are being kept in a basket in the canteen
  • Printing paper can be found next to the printer in the canteen, feel free to take when you're in need of paper

Pat on the back

Back in the office!

Fintage House is delighted that Rose has made a full recovery and is now working 100% again. Welcome back Rose!