2016 October

Bye Summer, Hello Fall

Signings and renewals


New Signings:

  • Adventure Club, The
  • Ahora o nunca
  • Arrival fka Story Of Your Life
  • Children Act, The
  • Dinner, The
  • Flammable Children
  • Girl In The Photographs, The
  • Jane Got A Gun
  • Lodgers, The
  • Mary Magdalene
  • Ready Jet Go 2
  • Ugly, Nasty People


New Titles:

  • Bel Canto - Bloom Media
  • Earthquake - Covert Media
  • Below Her Mouth - Elle Driver S.A.S.
  • Children Act, The - FilmNation International, LLC
  • Neruda - Funny Balloons
  • Whisky Galore - GFM Films LLP
  • Saving Mr. Wu - Golden Network Overseas Limited
  • Swimming With Men - Hanway
  • Tik Tok - IM Global
  • Stoic - Nu Image Inc.
  • Unchained - Nu Image Inc.
  • Late Bloomer - Nu Image Inc.
  • Lizzie Borden - The Solution Entertainment Group
  • Fun Mom Dinner - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Shock and Awe - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • One Last Heist - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Professor and the Madman, The - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Christmas All Over Again - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Amityville: The Awakening - Weinstein Global Film Corporation


Protocol’s service agreement with Telepool GmbH (GE) has been extended for an additional 2 years period till 2018. Under this service agreement Protocol provides Overage Collection and Royalty Report Analyses Services for three animation films: Lilly The Witch; Niko - The Way To The Stars and Thor - Legends of Valhalla.

A new contract has been signed with Global Screen GmbH (GE), also covering 3 animation films: Oops, Noah is Gone; The 7th Dwarf and Niko - Little Brother, Big Trouble and also for Overage Collection and Royalty Report Analyses Services.

Protocol signed up Lucky Country Productions Pty Ltd (AU) as a client for the title “Beneath Hill 60” for Overage Collection Services with the kind assistance of Affie. Royalty statements are being collected and first overage payments are now discovered and expected into the Fintage CAM account! This is again proving that money “comes out of the strangest and most unexpected corners of the world”.

Aldamisa has engaged Protocol’s Overage Collection Services on a couple of films, majority with a Fintage CAM account in place. There are some start-up challenges and surprises coming with this contract but Protocol aims to discover and collect royalties into the Fintage CAM account to the benefit of Aldamisa and as a result to all CAM parties involved.

El Deseo has engaged Protocol for extra rights management-related services for “Broken Embraces”.

Recently, the Protocol Team hosted Hanneke van der Meer, auditor, to gain further knowledge from her on royalty report analyses. At this occasion Protocol also made a brief HU office-wide presentation about Protocol in general and the new internal royalty report analyses system in particular.

Last but not least, the Protocol Client Portal will be launched in October, 2016. Last tests are being ran as this post is written. Stay tuned!

Department news


Donatella Bacsa, who has been the member of the Hungarian CAM team for two years, is moving to China to start her scholarship. Her last working day was 9th September. Donatella had been replaced by Marton Kiss, as of 24 Aug. We thank Donatella for her great job at CAM Team and wishing her a lot of joy in this new stage of life. We warmly welcome Marton in his new role and wish him a lot of success in his carreer at Fintage.

Zsuzsanna Boros is returning from her maternity leave, and she is going to support the CAM department. Zsuzsanna will be back at work as of 11 October, in part-time schedule. We are glad to welcome Zsuzsanna on board again.

Within the framework of the decentralizing process Fintage House has been undergoing, Henrietta Kónya-Halászi has joined the Budapest office to provide HR support to the Business Line Managers regarding their HU team members. Henrietta will be responsible for local HR-related activities. Henrietta has a wide range of experience in different fields of HR, including recruitment, on and off boarding, performance management, learning & development, etc. gained in Big4, banking and non-profit environment. The Budapest colleagues very much appreciate to have her on board.


Contract-renewals for Rizie Shaukat and Mia Kalajdzic.


  • The SSL and Encryption project has been finished and we are squishing the last of the bugs.
  • Mid to end of October, Marian will start work on the next functional/design additions that need to be added as per requests and approvals from earlier this year.

Music Division Acquisition & Transition Recap

  • On the 22nd of Sept, Kobalt became the owner of the Fintage House music division entities.
  • Transitional services to safeguard continuity for music publishing, neighbouring rights and OneHill clients will be offered until April 2017.
  • Staff members in the London office employed by RAL now form part of the Kobalt Music group.
  • Kobalt intend to visit both office in the coming weeks.
  • This agreement is confidential and staff cannot be discussed in public until advised by management.
  • The press release was sent out by Marian on Tuesday morning. If contacted by press, please refer to the following statement and then refer them to Niels or Marian.
  • Marketing/branding will stay as is until further notice. Marian will work with Kobalt on making any necessary adjustments in the coming weeks and months. We will keep you updated on both.


  • New posters are hanging the canteen.
  • A mirror at the reception (behind the door) is installed.
  • The lock of the male toilet (ground floor) got fixed.
  • All post and documents for Vaucia can be placed in the mailbox in front of her room.
  • New MP awards can be admired in the MP room.
  • New blinds are hanging in the Finance room.

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