2016 june

Hello summer!

Signings and renewals


The new signed deals for May are:

  • Blue Mountain State: The Rise of Thadland
  • Fire In Babylon
  • Hunting The Phantom
  • Killing Salazar
  • Knight of Cups aka Project G
  • Last Panthers, The
  • Mermaid
  • Mia Madre
  • Monumental
  • Palmeras En La Nieve
  • Playoff
  • Worlds Apart

Neighbouring Rights

We are very proud to announce that Sia Furler has signed with us for another 2 years! Australia’s enigmatic diva is one of the most prolific and talented artists in the business so we expect great things.

There’s been a lot of flying back and forth across the Channel, with Casper, Pauline and Maya visiting the UK office and Jackie and Elisa returning the favour.


Did you know?

Only 7% of UK films made between 2003-10 were profitable.

New Deals

  • Lasso: Hyde Park, Nasser Entertainment
  • AVPR: Dico Filme LLC (Pele – Birth of a legend), Fidelite Films SAS, Indigo
  • AVPR: BBL Extended
    Leads and Pitches:
  • AVPR: Dandeloo, Library Liquidity
  • Lasso: Taodue, Library Liquidity
  • Terminations: Not this month, luckily!
    Industry/Society/Internal Operations:
  • Forthcoming legislative proposals are expected in connection with the Satellite and Cable Directive, which still exclude rulings on certain audiovisual services.


  • American Assassin: with Michael Keaton
  • Patriot’s Day: starring Mark Wahlberg and Michelle Monaghan
  • 24 hours to Live (2017): action movie starring Ethan Hawke
  • Anon (2017): sci-fi from the director of Gattaca starring Clive Owen, Amanda Seyfried
  • Finding Mr. Right 2 (Book of Love, 2017): sequel of a successful romcom from Hong Kong.
    Mad River:
  • Why We’re Killing Gunther
  • Home Again
    IM Global:
  • Killing of a Sacred Deer
  • Mortal
    Concourse Media (fka Continental):
  • Little Hours, The

Department news

HR News

  • May Round NL and HU were planned and executed very well resulting that all deadlines for payroll were met.
  • Staff Manual HU is in the second phase for review.
  • Staff Manual UK is currently drafted.
    HR news Budapest:
  • Viktória Csécs started on 1 June in Protocol.
  • Zsófia Fekete (Licensing) has received an indefinite contract.


  • Cannes Film Festival Boules Event 2016 – On May 16th, over 450 champions of Hollywood turned up to watch and battle it out for the legendary Boules trophy. This year was the event’s 15th year anniversary in bringing the film industry key business players together. It continues to be a great networking event. Images stored on FRED (Finfo – Image Section).
  • FRED – right now Brancom are busy with the security brief for our intranet such as: SSL certificates, encryptions, passwords and security for documents and content. We hope to have this finished by the end of the summer.
  • The website word press project (an element of the Digital Marketing campaign) is well under way and we hope to have it finished by the end of June. Stay tuned to FRED for more info.

Office Support NL

  • Phone issues – closer to the solution, working together with IT in order to get it resolved.
  • The bikes parked at the front door are being removed on a regular base. Signs are put up with a warning. So far we are experiencing less and less bikes parked in front. Yes!
  • DHL quotation for Q1 & Q 2 have been achieved; resulting in maintaining the current rate for another Quarter!
  • Vodafone has a new portal and a new format invoices; users details are no longer online available but can be requested through Office Support.
  • End calculation NUON (Electricity & Gas) has resulted in a refund of EUR 3,600 net! Thanks to all for closing doors properly, not opening windows when using the airconditioners etc.
  • In the period of January – March 2016, Fintage House has planted 26 fruit trees in Malawi, Africa through Fruitful Office.
  • Friday Fridge Cleaning stopped as communicated by Cally’s last mail. Please make this a weekly department outing :)

Pat on the back

A big pat on the back to all the Fintage staff who were at the Cannes Film Festival this year! It was the 69th edition of the event and was held from 11-22 May, 2016. It was a busy week with 249 confirmed meetings and 413 companies that were contacted and reached out to. The Fintage House & Akin Gump Boules Event was well-attended and amusing just like the pictures show. Here above is also a picture of Andy’s first year attending the event. Rendez-vous in 2017!