2016 july

New deals and double baby news!

Signings and renewals


New Signings:

  • Ausencia
  • Choice, The
  • Everly
  • Family Fang, The
  • Guest, The
  • Mena (CAMA#1)
  • Palmeras En La Nieve
  • Refugio
  • Southside with You
  • Spy Game
  • Toro
  • We’re Going On A Bear Hunt


New Signings:

  • Robert Wallace Laird (classical composer) – worldwide publishing agreement, the first ‘Mezzanine’ structure deal.
  • Alex Esser/HMWL – worldwide publishing agreement, FUGA referral (dance/pop, Swedish publisher).


  • Matthew Safer (The Rapture)

Protocol is working together with Affie to close a deal for the title “Beneath Hill 60”, offering their standard services (collection and analyses of royalty statements /outstanding amounts). With Telepool they are in negotiation on adding more tiles to the existing 3 we are handling at the moment. Vine is engaging Protocol for extra library administration services for the title The Bank Job.

They also have now Viki Csecs on board to set up the process of the in-depth and systemized royalty statement analysis. In relation to this they are creating closer ties with Hanneke van der Meer to explore possibilities in auditing distributor statements, in which she has 15 years of experience. Of all statements received so far by Protocol, 70% is unrecouped. Protocol strongly believes that among the 70%, there are many statements that could be turned into a recouped position by dissecting them on contractual terms. In such a way more royalties may become payable and due by the distributors. Protocol is leaving no stones unturned to find monies for its clients.


New titles for June:

  • Why We’re Killing Gunther starring Arnold Schwarzenegger as Gunther
  • Home Again starring Rose Byrne


  • Now You See Me 3 (director: Jon M. Chu)
  • Wonder (with Julia Roberts and Owen Wilson)
  • My Little Pony – the movie (do I have to say anything?)
  • The Woods (director: Adam Wingard)
    Nu Image
  • Escobar (starring Penélope Cruz and Javier Bardem)
  • The Circus (executive producer: Terrence Malick)
  • Good Universe: Mudbound (starring Carey Mulligan and Jason Clarke)
  • Six Below
Red Granite
  • Papillon (2017) – remake of the celebrated 1973 version
  • Molly’s Game – directorial debut of Aaron Sorkin, with Jessica Chastain and Idris Elba
  • Villa Capri – action comedy with Morgan Freeman, Tommy Lee Jones and Rene Russo
  • Stan & Ollie – a film about comedic duo Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy with John C. Reilly and Steve Coogan
  • ntitled Nash Edgerton Project aka American Express – Charlize Theron, Amanda Seyfried, Joel Edgerton
  • The Irishman – Martin Scorsese, Robert De Niro, Al Pacino
    Bloom Media
  • Hostiles – Director: Scott Cooper (director of Out of the Furnace and Black Mass), Stars: Christian Bale, Rosamund Pike, Jesse Plemons
    The Asylum – NEW CLIENT! ☺
  • Izzie’s Way Home
    IM Global
  • Blood Meridian
  • Film Stars Don’t Die in Liverpool
  • Jackpot
  • League of Gods
    SBS Distribution – NEW CLIENT! ☺
  • Aquarius
  • Elle
    BBC Worldwide Ltd. – NEW CLIENT! ☺
  • Earth: One Amazing Day
    The Solution
  • Kodachrome
  • Amy Winehouse – Noomi Rapace as Amy
  • Undying

New artists are signed to FIM (Fintage and Imagem joint venture) and One Hill records. An up to date list, includIng July, all the following have been signed to FIM:

Fiona Bevan, Thomas Walmsley (Temples), Samuel Toms (Temples), James Bagshaw (Temples), Adam Smith (Temples, Jimmy Nail, Lxury (Andy Smith), Flo Morrissey, Owen Cutts, Anthony Moore, Dee Adam

FIMB – EX CLASSICAL – B & H MP LTD Signed Karl Jenkins, Benjamin Britten, Peter Pears

Iain Roberton, Tom Howe, Mark Batey

FIona Bevan, Dee Adam

FIMI Signed
Bejnamin Ermard (Basic tape), Savinien Milot (Basic tape)

FIMIG Signed
DJ Antoine, Fabio Antoniali

Deepdive Records – FIMIG
Global Productions GmbH – FIMIG

Department news

Budapest HR
  • There are two new staff members in CAM: Attila Fejős and Anett Pócs (both FAM).
  • Gábor Juhász is no longer working for CAM.
  • Zsombor Vadász definite contract was renewed.
    NL Office Support
  • The reception received a make-over! The white walls are now decorated with posters of artists and movies that are signed at FH.
  • The custom made limited edition guitar from Machine Head received a nice spot in our building next to the room of Robbert and Niels.
  • A new ashtray was installed outside…
  • And the canteen has a new remote control for the television in the canteen now!
  • Please be reminded that the Mid Term season started. As you all know, all the info can be found on Fred.
  • DHL rates will remain the same for Q2 and Q3.
  • On June 24th an Oscar themed Farewell party was organized for Marian. Hope you enjoyed it!


Marcel, Nadja and Peter L. attended the International Conference on Private Copying held in Amsterdam. The conference focused specifically on; recent and expected policy developments in the EU, trends in revenues and tariffs and exploring new collection models in a digital landscape.

And did you know?

The two most gifted and wildly successful filmmakers in history — Steven Spielberg and James Cameron — did not go to film school?

Consultant Update - Peter Konstense & Maarten Melchoir: A trip to Shanghai

Apart from the usual meetings Peter Konstense and Maarten Melchoir were introduced by Terence Chang, a great Chinese American producer (Mission Impossible II, Red Cliff), to a solid Chinese producer/distributor/investor named Gravity Pictures based in Beijing. One of Gracity’s principles, Wayne Jiang, used to work in the distribution organization of Bill Kong. Their expectations of doing some good business in China have therefore increased substantially, also as Gravity Pictures is backed by Tencent, which is China’s largest and most used internet portal, and by China Media Capital (“CMC”), who also own the Fortune Star library.

Pat on the back

Double babynews!

On wednesday June 1st, Ariana gave birth to a beautiful babyboy named Ruben. Three weeks later on Wednesday June 22nd, Peter R. became a proud father to his second daughter Eszter, who you can admire in the above banner. Congratulations!

And the winner is...

Fintage Publishing CA II won the 2016 SOCAN Achievement in Feature Film Award for Transcendence. On the first picture you can see MP client Michael Hodges (Alcon Sleeping Giant) with Maarten Melchior at the Socan 2016 Publishing Awards in Canada.

K&H marathon-relay 2016

On June 12th Izabella, Fanni, Gergo, Donatella, Barbi B.A., Barbi Z., Péter, Zsófi E., Balázs, Anna, Emese and Gabor ran the K&H marathon-relay (7km each). They also had Anita as their very own cheerleader. Great job!