2016 February

The first newsletter of the new year, including updates from December and January.

Signings and renewals


The European Film Market in Berlin is starting next week and the Film & TV department is represented by Genevieve, Peter K., Said, Willemijn, Lars and Maarten.

    Recently signed deals:
  • American Ultra
  • Archie aka. A.R.C.H.I.E.
  • Before We Go (fka 1:30 Train)
  • Begin Again fka Can A Song Save Your Life?
  • Ben Hur – Lookout Point
  • Bravetown
  • The Chosen
  • Coming Home
  • Dark Places
  • Dark Places 2
  • Dark Places 3
  • The Faith of Anna Waters
  • Frankie & Alice
  • Go With Me
  • A Good Man
  • Gray Matters (aka Price of Desire)
  • HEVN f.k.a Dukken I Taket a.k.a. Doll in the Ceiling
  • High Strung
  • How To Talk to Girls at Parties
  • I Saw The Light
  • James White
  • Lila & Eve
  • Low Down
  • Murder Of A Cat
  • Murieron Por Encima De Sus Posibilidades
  • The Nest
  • Nightcrawler
  • Oppenheimer Strategies
  • Regression
  • Seymour: An Introduction
  • Spirited Away
  • Superfast
  • Tomorrow When the War Began – TV Series
  •  Untitled Howard Hughes Project
  • A Walk In The Woods
  • Wannabe


Did you know:

The first video ever uploaded to YouTube isn't a classic by any means. Shot by Yakov Lapitsky at the San Diego Zoo, it shows co-founder Jawed Karim in front of the elephant enclosure rambling about their long trunks. It has, nonetheless, racked up a very healthy 4,282,497 views since its online debut on April 23rd, 2005.

New Deals and Lasso:

  • Alcon Entertainment
  • Attraction Distribution
  • Flashpoint (Fintage House library)
  • IM Global
  • Koan
  • Luxvide
  • RAI
  • Red Arrow

Leads and Pitches:

Marcel is in the United States at the moment. More info on the results of this trip to follow!

Industry/Society/Internal Operations:

AVPR has recently made use of a company called ‘My Data Factory’ to review our matching tool and techniques. The outcome looks promising and cuts down on the processing time of claims.

Music Publishing

    New Agreements (since January 2016):
  • Andy Taylor (ex-Duran Duran) – World
  • Big Yellow Dog Publishing – Benelux and Scandinavia added
  • Bill Withers – Israel and South, Central, Latin America (excl. Argentina)
  • Jay Wud – World excl. Israel
  • Live – World excl. USA
  • Rise of the Legend – World
  • Trepan Records – World excl. France
  • Christina Perri
  • RTI (including new territories Germany, Austria and Switzerland)

Department news



In the second week of February, there will be an update on FRED Said about a few new designs and functions for our internal communications tool, FRED. Please keep an eye on him in order to stay up-to-date about what has changed. We hope you all will benefit from the improvements. Please note that the FRED Feeders will be updated in small separate sessions per office so that they are aware of how to use the new functions and how they can help us to further improve him this year with departmental info input and user feedback.


Please note that the website is undergoing a few minor design changes. You will see a cleaner website with modern icons to help keep the website current in 2016. Marian will be kicking off some digital marketing practices this spring and is busy with gathering analytics on our online presence.

Internal Festivities:

The Christmas parties in all 3 offices were festive and fun-filled! Thank you everyone for getting into the holiday spirit and all the teams for your talented and amusing efforts during the team building activity (see pic of the Dutch NR team, top right).


We now have new compliments cards available at reception. They feature the Fintage colours and have improved paper quality.


The Fintage House family expands:

Mansoureh is back from maternity leave (as of January 19th) and works 3 days a week, like before.

Andrew’s child, Alexander Finn, was born on Jan 1st (see pic, second from the top right). Happy New Year, indeed!

Staff News:

It is our pleasure to announce that Sandra Spierenburg has been promoted to the role of Supervisor. For the past several months, she has taken active steps towards this new role and already has her own portfolio of clients. As Supervisor she will have additional responsibilities, such as overseeing other people’s work, co-authorizing payments, etc. We wish her the best of luck in this new position!

Office Support NL & HU Fruitful Office:

In the 3 month period between October and December 2015, our office has helped plant 26 fruit trees in Malawi, Africa.

The frequent rain this winter has flooded our basement, which is thankfully empty. The excess water will be removed in early February and a more permanent solution for keeping the basement dry will be installed.

We are keeping track of complaints in regard to any disturbances caused by the construction of the Rijnsburgerblok. We have already filed a complaint with the gemeente.

HR NL & HU Hungary Office:

A new colleague for the Accounts department has been hired: Zsombor Vadász started on January 1st.

Leiden Office:

Martin Brummelkamp and Bram Koehoorn both signed new contracts starting on Jan 1st. Mia Kalajdzic and Maya Primor have signed contracts starting on February 1st.

Jelle Jansen has received his indefinite contract, starting on March 1st.

Pat on the back

Kids Day 2015!

Kids Day was a hit in the Budapest and Leiden offices and certainly one of the biggest groups the Leiden office has had in years! It may have set a record at 40+ attendees. A few pics are included in the banner above from both offices. Thank you to all the parents and incredibly well-behaved and enthusiastic kids for coming out and taking part in this Fintage tradition!