2017 February

News from December & January!

Signings and renewals


Did you know that with box office earnings of over $2.7 billion, Avatar remains the highest-grossing film in history?

New deals (AVPR & Lasso):

  • A couple of deals are in the pipeline for AVPR. Unfortunately we will not be sharing and are sticking to our department mantra of not counting chickens before they hatch.
  • Lasso signed a deal with Yari Film Group, famous for The Accidental Husband.


  • Nippon Entertainment, most famous for their format "Dragon's Den", has extended their agreement with AVPR.

Industry/Society/Internal Operations:

  • AVPR has received NPVR royalties for the first time (ie: content that is stored on a cloud and viewed later). Hopefully this will pan the way to receive secondary use royalties for all Catch-Up services in future.


The new deals for this month are:

  • Arrival fka Story of Your Life
  • Big Sick, The
  • El Crumple De La Abuela
  • Era El Cielo aka The Silence of the Sky
  • Founder, The
  • Hermit, The
  • Hero
  • Journey's End
  • Los Herederos
  • Loving
  • Man Who Invented Christmas, The
  • Maudie
  • MindGamers fka Deus Ex Machina (DxS)
  • Pacific Heat
  • Pele: Birth Of A Legend
  • White Fang


The new deals for this month are:

  • La Educación Del Rey - 13 Conejos
  • Jane Millen - 13 Films LLC
  • Prince: R U Listening? - 13 Films LLC
  • Voice from the Stone - 13 Films LLC
  • Bad Girl - Arclight
  • American Brawler - Conquistador Entertainment Inc.
  • Chongqing Hot Pot - Distribution Workshop (HK) Limited
  • Chronicles of the Gostly Tribe - Distribution Workshop (HK) Limited
  • Phantom of the Theatre - Distribution Workshop (HK) Limited
  • Monster Hunt 2 - Edko Films Ltd.
  • Wildlife - FilmNation International, LLC
  • Escape Room - Global Genesis Group
  • 911 - Good Universe Media, LLC
  • My Scientology Movie - Hanway
  • Obscure Spring, The (Las Oscuras Primaveras) - IM Global
  • Worthy, The - IM Global
  • Blood Of Youth - IM Global
  • Buddies In India - IM Global
  • I Belonged To You - IM Global
  • I Think We're Alone Now - IM Global
  • Lying and Stealing - IM Global
  • 2016 Super Seoul Dream Concert - Korea Entertainment Producer's Association
  • Crosscurrent - Lemon Tree Media Company Limited
  • L.O.R.D. - Lionsgate UK Ltd.
  • Saw: Legacy - Lionsgate UK Ltd.
  • Based on a True Story aka D'Après Une Histoire Vraie - Lionsgate UK Ltd.
  • Longing - Longing Limited Partnership
  • Idol's Eye - Lotus Media LLC
  • Under The Silver Lake - Mad River International LLC
  • You Were Never Really Here - Mad River International LLC
  • Angel Has Fallen - Nu Image Inc.
  • Body of Deceit - Nu Image Inc.
  • Dare, The - Nu Image Inc.
  • Tokyo Has Fallen - Nu Image Inc.
  • Prime Minister and I, The - Samhwa Networks Co Ltd.
  • Armed Response - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Pony With a Broken Wing - Voltage Pictures LLC
  • Polaroid - Weinstein Global Film Corporation


Protocol has recently contracted for overage collection and royalty report analysis with Adirondack Pictures, a film production and financing company based in the USA. The film - Annie Leibovitz: Life Through A Lens - now placed into Protocol's charges has also been taken good care of by Fintage CAM since 2007.

Department news

Budapest Christmas Party

After our successful charity action in 2015, our Hungarian colleagues (in Budapest and also abroad) united again this year which resulted in a donation of 500EUR! This time the money was donated towards Heti Betevő. The volunteers of Heti Betevő hold auctions, collect donations, cook and deliver food and give away goods to the ones in need - they are also in close cooperation with the Budapest Bike Maffia, Food Angels and other social organizations. All of them help struggling families and the homeless.

The group was absolutely thrilled by the contribution! They managed to buy 480 pairs of warm, fuzzy socks which that they got to distribute amongst the homeless community. They also gave boxes of chocolate to kids living in poor conditions.

We want to thank all the participants for their donation and we look forward to join forces again with you in 2017!


As some of you know, Marvin has successfully finished a law study earlier this year, with the aim of ultimately making a career switch. The time has come now for Marvin to pursue new opportunities and he is currently in the process of finding a new job that is in line with his wishes.

Fintage and Marvin have agreed that in the meantime, as of January 1, 2017, Marvin has ended his work as Financial Account Manager and that during the 1st half year of 2017 he will assist Fintage with a big CAM project.

Marvin will work on that project from home 4 days a week, whereby occasionally he will still be in the Leiden office. So this is not farewell yet.


The received percentage of the assessment forms is 45% for both HU and NL office.


An Introduction week was organized in the Budapest office in December. The aim of the Introduction week was to provide a framework for onboarding staff through interactive presentations. Every department (Accounts, AVPR, CAM, Licensing, Protocol and HR) had a presenter who introduced the department to the newcomers. The event was for the whole office which created fruitful conversations and cross-departmental cooperation. Pictures can be found under Finfo, Images/Videos.

A feedback-workshop was organized in January. There were two sessions; one for all staff and one for the managers as the target audience. The workshop was developed and conducted by Henrietta and the presentation is available under the HR Section on Finfo, Images/Videos.


Please note that on April 14th, the Leiden office will be closed. This day will be corrected as a public holiday (Goede Vrijdag) on the holiday charts of the Dutch staff.


There will be a few aspects added to FRED in January - patchwork aspects. The adjusted items will be listed in a FRED post in February.

Music Division Acquisition & Transition Recap

A few points regarding the transition:

  • Niels & the OMT board held a music meeting on Tuesday 31st January in which he informed the TSA staff of the internal redundancy process, timeline and the legal guidance that will be provided for them in the coming weeks as they review their positions. The end of the transition is still the end of April.
  • Dimitry has taken charge of NR royalties during Myrto's maternity leave.
  • The physical music archive is being prepared for shipment to Kobalt.
  • Bruce Lampcov (our Music Consultant in the US) finished working with Fintage House in January 2017.

Office Support NL

In the last week of December, Office Support organized Kids Day! The kids were welcomed in the morning in the office where they went on their yearly office exploration. Afterwards they visited the Rockademy where they got the chance to play drums, DJ, dance and lasergame. The event ended with a nice pancake lunch for everyone. Pictures of the event can be found under Finfo, Images/Videos.

There was a building inspection for the paintwork on the outside of the building in January. Window repair took place in one of the CAM rooms after damage was done from outside the building. Last but not least, the reception enriched itself with two new faces: Emily Gunter (Music) and Martha Tamayo (CAM).  

Pat on the back

Did you know that the empty cartridges of the NL office are being collected by Stichting AAP? In 2016 Stichting AAP collected over more than 3.9 million cartridges and mobile phones. For every cartridge and mobile phone, the organization receives a fee which is put towards improving the life circumstances of monkeys and other exotic animals in Europe.

Stichting AAP wants to say Thank you!