2016 April

New staff, SXSW and upcoming film and music markets, David Zannoni's LA trip and Fintage Academy in the Budapest office!

Signings and renewals


Did you know?
The first American film to show a toilet flushing on screen was Psycho.

    New Deals:
  • Lasso: Rai Com, Daro Film, Euro Mobilfin SRL
  • AVPR: Golden Network Overseas Limited, La Sarraz Pictures SRL, Cinexport, Euro Mobilfin
    Extended Deals:
  • AVPR: DARO Film and Fortune Star. Red Arrow expanded our territory for collection to include their home base, Germany.
    Leads and Pitches:
  • AVPR: Seine Pictures
    Industry/Society/Internal Operations:
  • Lasso is close to launching their online client portal.
  • Litigation against obligatory ISAN coding in France and Spain is due to start soon.
    New Signings:
  • Ali and Nino
  • An Bronntanas
  • Equity
  • Indignation
  • Iron Sky 2
  • Jungle (Arclight)
  • Midnight Special
  • Mother’s Day (Lotus SA)
  • The Music of Strangers
  • Numb
  • Phil
  • The Prophet
  • The Reagan Years
  • A Storm in the Stars
  • Vincent and the End of the World
Neighbouring Rights

New signings:
Country legend Bonnie Raitt (pictured top left), Chester Bennington (lead vocalist of Linkin Park), Valentino Khan, Jerry Seay and Dion Murdock (Mother’s Finest), Miguel Collins (aka Sizzla) and also Matt Simons, famous for his song “Catch and Release”!

We have also extended our agreement with Iron Maiden and we gained three new territories for them: Germany, the UK and USA.


We have signed contract extensions with two of our valued clients: Focus Features for an additional year and Revolution Studios for two additional years.

Protocol is expanding into Asia! We concluded a contract with EDKO – Bill Kong’s company – for five of their titles (including Hero and Fearless) for worldwide collections.

We are close to getting signatures on agreements with Alcine Pictures for The Con Artist and Arka Mediaworks for Baahubali – the highest grossing film ever in India.

  • 24 Hours to Live feat. Ethan Hawke, from Sierra
  • All These Sleepless Nights from IM Global
  • The Big Sick from FilmNation
  • Christmas Reunion feat. Denise Richards, from Daro
  • Colette feat. Keira Knightley, from Hanway
  • Committed from Wonderphil
  • Countdown, starring several WWE superstars, from Voltage
  • Daughter of God from Voltage
  • Eat Local from GFM
  • The Foreigner feat. Jackie Chan and Pierce Brosnan, from STX
  • The Glass Castle feat. Brie Larson and Woody Harrelson, from Lionsgate
  • In Sand and Blood feat. Russell Crowe
  • Interrogation, aka Viaaranai, from Voltage
  • Jungle feat. Daniel Radcliffe and Thomas Kretschmann
  • Killing Salazar feat. Steven Seagal, from Daro
  • La Fille du patron, aka The Boss’s Daughter, from Wild Bunch
  • Lost in the Pacific from Arclight
  • Michael Jackson’s Journey from Motown to Off the Wall, directed by Spike Lee, from IM Global
  • Official Secrets feat. Harrison Ford and Anthony Hopkins, from Solution
  • The Precipice Game from IM Global
  • Rally Car feat. Keanu Reeves, from IM Global
  • Sanditon from Goldcrest
  • Sex Doll from Wild Bunch
  • Stronger feat. Jake Gyllenhal, from Lionsgate
  • The Tony Awards (2016 + 2017)
  • Wakefield feat. Jennifer Garner and Bryan Cranston, from Red Granite
  • Wildling feat. Liv Tyler, from IM Global
  • Wind River from Voltage
  • Woman Walks Ahead feat. Jessica Chastain, from IM Global
  • You Get Me from Good Universe
  • Zero Days from FilmNation>

Department news

UK Office News

On Thursday March 24th, Elisa and Gabi organised an Easter Egg hunt in the UK office. Chocolate eggs were found and eaten by all and two large eggs were found by Ian and James Paddick, the kings of the hunt.

HR News

Pál Rabóczki started on April 4th in the Budapest office as EVP of Licensing.

Two new employees received Fintage House contracts as of April 1st: Rizie Shaukat and Emily Gunter.

Anju Groeneveld began in the role of Office Coordinator on April 4th.

Electronic payslips are now available via the portal of Grant Thornton. From now on employees in the Leiden office can login to access their payroll documents.

We have successfully tried a new method of recruitment during the ‘try-out’ days with candidates for the position of Office Coordinator.

    Leiden Office News
  • We now have 4 portal passes to access the stores and to pass through Leiden Central station. You can request to borrow one from Reception. They are good for 1 hour.
  • On March 27th, the clocks in most European countries changed to daylight savings time.
  • We are still reporting and tracking phone issues; please let us know if you still experience problems.
  • The lighting issue in the ground-floor men’s bathroom is being repaired. Thank you for your patience.
  • New flowers have been placed at reception, enjoy (pictured above, second from right)!
  • Thank you for coming down to meet and greet our candidates during the try-out sessions in March and for giving your feedback.
  • The fire drill was a success, many thanks to everyone for your cooperation!

We are in the final stretch with the Protocol live reporting client portal project, which is being designed by Brancom and with the help of Dimitry. The aim of this project is to create a portal where clients can log in and download their quarterly or monthly status reports (in PDF files) together with all the royalty statements collected during the reporting periods.


From the CAM department, the following people will attend the Cannes Film Festival: Maarten, Lars, Willemijn, David, Marta and Andrew.

Maarten will be a speaker at the Film/TV Production & Finance Summit in LA on April 11th. He will speak on a panel about Film, TV & Digital Distribution, Marketing & Social Media.

David Zannoni recently traveled to LA to meet producers he had never met before, which turned out to be more challenging than expected. However, producers who he did not manage to see will be invited in the coming weeks for a follow-up call to pitch or discuss Fintage’s services.

    Highlights from his trip were:
  • IM Global (Miguel Palos) are preparing the involvement of a new investor from China, which would allow the company to continue to produce 2-3 own films a year;
  • Participant Media (Gabriel Brakin) is preparing for several new productions as a result of the deal closed with DreamWorks, Reliance, E1 and Universal;
  • Sierra Affinity (Don Hardison, Kendra Dousetta, Cynthia Griffiths) is busy integrating the E1 films in the operations and system. Soon to follow up on a fee matrix for CAM and Licensing including E1’s films;
  • Netflix (Liz Polk): We are following up with a standard template and fee matrix for Netflix’s third party pictures;
  • Amazon Studios (Annalisa Shoemaker & Ram Murali) has about 15 productions in the pipeline with a small film department, which was only set up a year ago. Both Annalisa and Ram have been at Amazon for only a few months. As the intention is that Amazon finances and produces their own films in-house, there seems little space at this moment for CAM. However, Ram acknowledges that depending on the structure of a film, if a CAM is needed, they know where to find us. It is more likely that we start doing business with Amazon through Licensing or Cashet Card.

Digital Marketing work has started on the website – stay tuned to FRED for more in-depth updates. There is also a project update on this in the FRED Project section.

    The guest list has been finalised for the Music Week Awards 2016:
  • Niels Teves – Co-CEO Fintage House
  • Maria Forte – Maria Forte Music Services Ltd. & Music Consultant Fintage House
  • Marian O’Hanlon – Marketing & Communications Executive Fintage House
  • Andrew Gummer – President Music Division Fintage House
  • Dan Slatter – Co-Founder of Idea Junction and Cadenza Box
  • Jenny Carroll – Assistant Artist Manager & Personal Assistant Air Management
  • Danielle Livesey – Founder, P.U.S.H. Music Management Llp
  • Niko Michault – Founder, P.U.S.H. Music Management Llp
  • Richard Smirke – Billboard UK
  • Nicola Fuller – Publisher and Songwriter Relations Manager for Spotify. She works across the US and UK.

Pictured top right: Niels attended the IAEL Cocktails Get Together at SXSW (South by Southwest). SXSW is an annual set of film, interactive media, music festivals and conferences that takes place in mid-March in Austin, Texas, United States. Anita Zagar & Bruce also attended. According to Niels, it was a very constructive trip and well-organized event that had a laid-back approach to it.


There will be a FRED Feeder Brainstorming session in the Leiden office and via telephone in the Budapest and London offices in early-mid April. We look forward to receiving the Feeder’s constructive opinions about several key functions in FRED. Their feedback will be used to develop and improve FRED.

Pat on the back

Fintage Academy

Peter Rosko invited a local film distributor to speak at the Budapest office in early March. Daniel Hajnal, head of the Hungarian branch of Freeman Film, held a presentation about how theatrical distribution works, how films are selected, what are the release strategies and why dubbing is important. It was a great success and almost everyone from the office joined the presentation. Freeman Film group is an independent film distributor in Eastern and Central Europe and their upcoming releases include “The Nice Guys” for which both CAM and Licensing are involved.