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The Fintage House Music Group offers the fastest and most accurate way of collecting royalty income by utilizing direct relationships with all of the collection societies in every major territory in the world. We have local people on the ground ensuring that our client’s royalties are maximized. Within the Music Group, our business lines specialise in the collection and management of Music Publishing Rights and Neighbouring Rights for Record Labels & Artists.

Our music clients range from iconic stars from all areas of the business to up and coming artists, singers and songwriters as well as independent film studios, broadcasters, record labels and publishers. Over the last 5 years, Fintage and RAL clients garnered over 150 Grammy nominations including Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year!

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Neighbouring Rights

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Collection of worldwide royalties direct from societies for featured performing artists and record companies. Fintage Artists B.V.

Having successfully introduced the concept of fast, transparent and safe collection of music royalties worldwide, the Fintage House Music business group has become the innovative partner of the world’s top musical talents along with their advisers, publishers and financiers. We are proud to be looking after the music rights of numerous high profile companies and individuals, many of which make the Grammy nominations list every year! For further information, please contact Mandy Aubry, Head of Client Relations.

Music Licensing
Should you wish to license music from the Fintage publishing catalogue, please e-mail Paulina Wozniak. Your request will be processed swiftly. To ensure that your request is processed with the maximum speed and efficiency, we kindly ask that you complete the relevant form below and attach it to your e-mail.

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Fintage has a vast and varied catalogue of music available for immediate licensing. Should you wish to tap into this resource, please e-mail Mandy Aubry. The rights we control derive from a diverse range of musical genres meaning that we are able to fulfil even the most specific of musical requirements. We are specialists in the collection of film and TV music, so we are confident that we can provide the perfect match of music for use in your film or TV production. Additionally, we are well connected within the rock/metal scene and have a broad range of music from this genre available to license. We also have an abundance of experienced and talented composers and songwriters who are able to write music specifically to fulfil a specification, within a budget and at short notice.

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Our Music Publishing position

Recorded music has found powerful distribution and marketing channels through the internet, television and mobile phone. Often the various rights that generate income for content owners require a new model for licensing and collection.

Fintage House who is at the forefront of the neighbouring rights and music publishing industry and FUGA, who provide some of the most advanced technological solutions for the music business have together created a platform that will help empower music clients like never before.

Fintage and FUGA are constructing a fully automated service for rights holders including: global distribution of master recordings, promotion and revenue collection. In a traditionally slow and convoluted part of the business, this new platform will put the information at the client’s fingertips. It will allow rights holders to utilize Fintage House’s global infrastructure for the collection of their rights and through FUGA create the most efficient and effective business set-up for even faster product release by providing an online environment for real-time digital music business management. Rights owners can access information through a web browser or smart phone, so they can manage their business in real time, any place, anywhere.

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