The Fintage House Music Group offers the fastest and most accurate way of collecting royalty income by utilizing direct relationships with all of the collection societies in every major territory in the world. We have local people on the ground ensuring that our client’s royalties are maximized. Within the Music Group, our business lines specialise in the collection and management of Music Publishing Rights and Neighbouring Rights for Record Labels & Artists.

Our music clients range from iconic stars from all areas of the business to up and coming artists, singers and songwriters as well as independent film studios, broadcasters, record labels and publishers. Over the last 6 years, Fintage and RAL clients garnered over 180 Grammy nominations including Record of the Year, Album of the Year and Song of the Year!

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Neighbouring Rights

Fintage House/RAL - Collect what is yours!

Collection of worldwide royalties direct from societies for featured performing artists and record companies.


Music Publishing

Maximum Royalties, Minimum Fuss

Fast, transparent and safe collection of music royalties worldwide.


Digital rights

Constructing a fully automated service for rights holders.



Efficient, fast and accurate revenue collection. Advanced global digital rights management.

Fintage House and Independent IP (IIP) are looking to the future with a historic deal that will power fast and accurate revenue collection more efficiently than ever before. IIP – the creators of FUGA – will work together with Fintage House to create one of the most advanced global digital rights service platforms in the world.


Digital Artists Entertainment

Manage and monetize social media channels

Fintage House entered into a new partnership with Digital Artists Entertainment Inc in 2014, a company with cutting-edge technology & services that enables celebrities to manage (and monetize) their social media channels.