Neighbouring Rights

Fintage House/RAL - Collect what is yours!

Collection of worldwide royalties direct from societies for featured performing artists and record companies.

What are neighbouring rights?

With physical sales still decreasing, other forms of income have become more important. When recordings are broadcast, played in public or streamed, it generates royalty income. These royalties can be substantial and are distributed by local collection societies.

Why Fintage House?

Fintage House bolstered its strength and reach through a strategic business investment with Rights Agency Ltd (RAL) in 2012. The global scope, advanced infrastructure and impressive menu of services beyond Neighbouring Rights gave the new and improved entity unrivalled strength, experience and advanced client servicing.

Fintage House and RAL have been responsible for collecting very substantial revenues for Music, TV and Film clients for 30 years from all over the world. RAL and Fintage’s joint expertise in this area ensures that all artists receive money that is due to them from every possible source available across the world. This investment gives the combined client portfolio access to an enormous network through a shared service set-up. The companies are now fully integrated meaning that Fintage House can offer one of the most advanced and efficient rights collection and distribution services in the business.

Our service

  • Direct collections from over 75 societies worldwide
  • Fast, transparent & accurate accounting
  • Local representation in many territories
  • Global reach, personalised service

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