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Fast, transparent and safe collection of music royalties worldwide.

What is Fintage Music

Fintage Music is a division of Fintage House which has two main business lines, Music Publishing and Neighbouring Rights for Artists and Record Labels.

Having successfully introduced the concept of fast, transparent and safe collection of music royalties worldwide.

Fintage Music has become the innovative partner of the world’s top musical talents along with their advisers, publishers and financiers.

We are proud to be looking after the music rights of numerous high profile companies and individuals, many of which make the Grammy nominations list every year!

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Contact Kobalt direct or the Fintage House - Kobalt Transition Team

So how do we do it

24/7 Access – All financial information and royalty statements are available anytime, anywhere through our secure royalty web portal – Music Live. Music Live provides our clients access to our financial reporting system via the internet.

This gives you a more convenient, immediate and accurate way of viewing your royalty statements. In order to receive this service all you need to do is ask and to top it off – it’s completely free!

To see how it works, please log on to and insert the following details: login = login1, password = fintagedemo1@.

Direct Collections – Fintage has direct memberships with all major societies around the globe and collects directly from them as well as from the major US labels and digital services.

This means no middlemen, no double commissions, no time delays and more control.

Swift Accounting – We can pay your royalties fast and on a monthly basis.

Transparency and Accuracy – Your statements will be clear, accurate and include black box royalties. You can access your copyright details and statements on-line as well as performing income queries.

Technology – Fintage comprehensively tracks music using its own state of the art film and television broadcast tracking system as well as utilising third party systems.

Music licensing

Should you wish to license music from the Fintage publishing catalogue, please e-mail Paulina Wozniak. Your request will be processed swiftly. To ensure that your request is processed with the maximum speed and efficiency, we kindly ask that you complete the relevant form below and attach it to your e-mail.

Fintage has a vast and varied catalogue of music available for immediate licensing. Should you wish to tap into this resource, please e-mail Mandy Aubry.

Music rights

The rights we control derive from a diverse range of musical genres meaning that we are able to fulfil even the most specific of musical requirements. We are specialists in the collection of film and TV music, so we are confident that we can provide the perfect match of music for use in your film or TV production.

Additionally, we are well connected within the rock/metal scene and have a broad range of music from this genre available to license. We also have an abundance of experienced and talented composers and songwriters who are able to write music specifically to fulfil a specification, within a budget and at short notice.

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Contact Kobalt direct or the Fintage House - Kobalt Transition Team