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Piracy Protection & Social Media Monetisation

Monetisation and protection of online audio-visual content.

The LASSO business line offers a zero-cost platform to monetise and protect online rights and to promote clients’ movie releases and TV shows online, providing film and TV companies with a 24/7 worldwide audio-visual content management service.

This is what we do

This service mainly focusses on the monitoring and royalty collection from licencors content. Lasso sets anti-piracy protocols, issues take down notices, fingerprints the works, deals with conflicting claims, etc. on various digital platforms, including: YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, Daily Motion, Vimeo, Twitter and Metacafe.

Blocking and removing full and partial copies of your catalogue can also be performed by Lasso as well as preventing piracy 24/7 before the release of a trailer. Our technology identifies where people are using copyrighted content online and then monetises it with approved advertisements; provides analytical insights into audiences; and/or removes the content entirely. Our ability to get things protected or any piracy removed the same day is key for the launch of your new production.

Lasso’s new auditing service on production companies and sales companies will allow you to check their collections on your master and publishing rights. We have gained extensive experience in this area and manage the rights for many international companies. We handle our licensors content with the same commitment and education as we have with their AVPR account.  

Who uses our service?

Lasso is the leader in online rights management for independent movie and TV monetising 200m + views monthly and working with, amongst others IM Global, ProSiebenSat.1, RAI, Voltage Pictures, Focus Features and many more. We will handle our licensors content with the same commitment and education as we have with their AVPR account.

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