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Protocol International

Maximizing and collecting the life-cycle revenues of your film or film library.

Protocol International monitors the exploitation of your film or library of films after their first exploitation in any medium worldwide.

What is Protocol International?

Protocol International forms part of the Fintage House Group of companies. Its back-office services include chasing and reviewing of royalty statements and collection of any outstanding royalty amounts. With this service, Protocol takes away the additional burden from its already occupied producers, financiers, sales agents and film library owners, of having to chase and review statements, issue payment instructions, chase outstanding minimum guarantee and overage amounts, thus monitoring exploitation. Protocol International also gears up film libraries for sale and re-licensing by assembling data on available rights, territories, expiry dates, etc.

Global offices

A centralized hub for efficient revenue management, Protocol has offices in Europe and international consultants in other key territories such as the US giving clients a more global reach.  

Overage and MG Collection Services

Protocol International collects royalty statements from the distributors, issues payment instructions for unpaid license fees and/or overages and follows up on the collection of such payments.

Royalty Analyses Services

Protocol International performs an initial review of the royalty statements and where necessary recommends further analysis and if required an official audit.

Rights Management Services

Protocol gears up film libraries for sale or re-licensing by gathering data on the licensed and available rights, territories and terms and keeping up to date the information and documentation pertaining to the (value of the) library, needed by the owner in order to sell or re-license the library, and assist in building the data room.

Remuneration is dependent on services required and quoted on a case-by-case basis

Protocol Live Client Portal

The Protocol Live client portal provides 24/7 access for its clients to their status reports, as well as the underlying royalty statements Protocol International has been collecting from their distributors to date. For more information on this service please contact zita.tibay@protocolintl.com.

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